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Use the Mac for software development

As a programmer, I have experienced the development of Windows, Ubuntu and Mac systems. Finally, I choose the Mac system for two main reasons: The following is a description of some of the software I often use in the process of using the Mac system, the browser plug-in related to jump to the easy to use Google browser plug-in

How to fix the "Can't install macOS on your computer" error

The "Can't install macOS on your computer" error is something no one wants to see. Occurs when updating the Mac's operating system fails. What causes the "Cannot install macOS" error? There are several issues that can lead to this problem. Start with the hints. Here are might see some of the messages below the warning: pat/System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall MPKG seems to be lost or damaged. An error occurred while installing macOS. Can't unload...

Repair a lost mouse on a Mac

Why did my mouse disappear from my Mac? Sometimes finding a lost mouse is as easy as looking around on an external monitor. It's not always possible to trace a missing mouse from a Mac to a specific cause, but some of the reasons a mouse disappears include:

Fusion Drive separation, formatting and system reinstallation issues resolved

I've had my MacMini for a couple of years, taking it apart and adding an SSD to it, and combining it with the original hard Drive into a Fusion Drive, according to the online instructions. Recently, I had a hot brain and wanted to reinstall the system. As a result, I was dead in the formatting phase and would not move. All kinds of Google Baidu, all kinds of attempts fail.

The correct way to open a Mac, don't use a Mac like a Windows!

A friend recently told me that she just got a MacBook Pro but didn't see any significant improvements over a Windows PC. I couldn't understand why everyone was talking so much about the Mac. So I asked her a list of questions, and it wasn't that the Mac didn't work, it was that she couldn't use it.

10 Simple Ways to Tweak Your Mac for Better Performance

Macs don't require a lot of maintenance because Apple strives to make MacOS as reliable as possible. Still, tweaking the Mac every now and then can make it run faster and smoother than it used to. No matter how much internal storage your Mac comes with, you always want to keep at least 10% of it to make sure your Mac runs smoothly. Open the Apple menu and select "About this machine" >; Save to know how much storage you are currently using. This is...

Record the pits used by Jenkins on the M1

Recently, I was working on the confusion tool chain for iOS, a plugin in Xcode, and I met a customer who was using M1 computer. Boy, the compilation with Xcode was successful, and the shell script Xcodebuild was also successful. The only thing that fails is calling native shell scripts in Jenkins, which is not supported -fembed-bitcode, which feels like the Xcode obfuscating toolchain has become a native toolchain, which is weird. It turns out that Jenkins was probably calling a native shell via Java...

Mac's built-in batch rename tool is so powerful?

If you need to rename the image, name it wallpaper and number it consecutionally. Right-click on the image and choose Rename Project. In the Format dropdown on the popup panel, select Name and Index. You can select the number in the location drop-down menu to display before or after the name, click rename, the image will be in accordance with the wallpaper and the way of the number of all...

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