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PHP code audit essentials

Introduction With the popularization of Code security, more and more developers know how to defend against language-independent vulnerabilities such as SQLI and XSS, but little is known about some vulnerabilities and defects related to the development language itself. Therefore, these points are the focus of our Code audit

Remove event listeners in Vue that use the $ON binding

Event listener, component logout remember to destroy. Component destruction specifies the destruction event. If event listening is not destroyed when the component is logged out, it will still be executed if triggered later, with possible side effects.

Design patterns (implemented functionality, equivalent to a record of use scenario + principle level implementation)

You can build different things without knowing how to build them. In the process of building the map, that is, the user delegates the Director class to build the object factory mode, which focuses on the creation method of the whole object, while the builder mode focuses on the creation process of the object, and the process method of creating the object can be called freely during the creation. Enjoy yuan mode: the actual String, pool technology are used, will be a number of functions...

Trendfront Weekly (Issue 14) - New Year's Eve 2020

The cover picture is taken in hangzhou in 2020 0 o 'clock New Year's Eve scene at the end of the sea of people, take a taxi for 2 hours, then want to see at home B station New Year's Eve is not sweet? But now the retrospect is a different taste. How to Make Your Code Reviewer Fall in Love with You

Face recognition based on PCA+LDA face recognition MATLAB source code

1 PCA 1.1 Dimensionality reduction Methods include principal component analysis (PCA), factor analysis (FA), and independent component analysis (ICA). Principal component analysis: to find the vector and minimize the sum of the projection of each sample to the vector. 1.2 PCA: the purpose of dimensionality reduction, the actual principle of dimensionality reduction is to maximize the objective function (the maximum variance after data projection) strong push principle

The Loom project of Java coroutine programming is a new one

I have been paying attention to the development progress of the JDK coroutine library for a long time, but I was very busy and rarely checked the content of the OpenJDK official website. Java coroutine project Loom (because the project is still under development, OpenJDK gives the official website

By a startup company abuse to the whole body of N questions | advanced essential

Good brothers, just like the title, Anjiang was abused, the abuse all over the body, boils down to a dish (real dish). What a sad story it was. Be reasonable. I was pretty confident before I went back. With the advance of the interview, I found that I could not bear, database underlying principle and network related I really do not ah, not forget, the interviewer will pick these to ask, not according to the resume...

Detailed explanation! From SEC kill chat to ZooKeeper distributed lock

After the Introduction to ZooKeeper, we learned the basic usage of ZooKeeper. In fact, The application of ZooKeeper is very wide, the implementation of distributed lock is just one of them. ZooKeeper implements distributed locks to solve the oversold problem. Seckill activity should be familiar, need not explain too much. It's not hard to imagine that in this kind of "split-kill"...

The latest version of event delegation detail

For example, one day you are playing in the river, walking, you see a small stone, hum, throw a small stone into the river, the river made layers of waves. This is called bubbling. 1. Reduce memory consumption 2. The emergence of Ajax, the popularity of local refresh, resulting in each load, must re-bind the event (here using setTimeout asynchronously replaced) to reduce the number of binding, if possible...

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