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JS core knowledge points

JavaScript (JS) is a lightweight, interpreted, or just-in-time programming language based on prototype programming, multi-paradigm, function preference, and supports object-oriented, imperative, and declarative (such as functional programming) styles.

I hired a month and tencent T4 bosses all learned what | learn this weekend

I and the big guy think the programming language itself is not difficult, no matter what language, for a beginner programmer, may learn about 2 months, can master the use of the language. Programming language is a tool, is a weapon, is the way to achieve; And programmer's own thought and experience is the real labor force, is internal work

Application loading (2)

Review the whole dyld loading process, we through the _dyld_start - > dyldbootstrap: : start - > dyld: : _main - > dyld: : initializeMainExecutable

【 xiaobaixue AI】XGBoost derivation and Newton's method

It's a little out of date to be sorting out XGB's algorithms in 2020. However, it is mainly for the purpose of broadening the knowledge and dealing with the interview. Now in the big data race, XGB has been largely replaced by LGB models, so here's a look at the Boost algorithm. Adaboost and Gradient-boost algorithms have been introduced in other posts, but this article is about...

An overview of microservices

Why learn architecture? Because architectural thinking is the cornerstone of coding, if you don't have architectural thinking in mind, coding is blind, and you can't write good code if you don't see the whole picture. Don't rush the code, first look at the theory, have a general idea. The principle can be understood by looking at it, but only by experience

Dry! ThreadLocal usage scenario

This article has participated in the good article call order activity, click to see: back end, big front end double track submission, 20,000 yuan prize pool for you to challenge! Today is my second article in nuggets, thanks for reading, and hope to continue to pay attention in the future, I will output more technical dry goods, we make progress together! There may be several major topics in the future

Pure HTML + CSS implementation caterpillar

Caterpillar analysis A caterpillar is made up of circles from the inside out. The innermost circle is the closest to the center, and the outermost circle is the farthest. The rotation rate of the circle is the same, but the time (or position) to start the rotation is different. You start off and then you go from left to right

Write a well-understood HTTPS explanation

Today I have a technical post that has nothing to do with Android. HTTPS is a technology that is now widely used. The countdown is on to HTTP's demise as Internet leaders such as Apple and Google have made HTTPS mandatory in their operating systems, browsers and other mainstream products. In fact, HTTPS for client developers...

A digital keyboard caused a bloody case -- mobile terminal H5 input box, cursor, digital keyboard all false kit to achieve

Into a page automatic popup with decimal digital keyboard, and bring their own input validation, amount, for example -- can only input Numbers and the decimal point, and can only enter a decimal, small digital no more than two, and before the input validation is to not let illegal input, (UE extra functions -- > custom cursor color. < it is against humanity needs). 1. Based on input + mobile phone built-in keyboard implementation scheme...

Ali-tencent Backstage Java Club Interview (received offer)

I graduated from Shuangfei University in the 17th year, mainly engaged in Java development, and have no experience in big factories. I will soon have 3 years of work experience in 2020. If you don't look for opportunities to further your study in a large factory, it will be more difficult for you to improve your competitiveness and personal development. Therefore, after two years of hard work in my current company, I began to step forward to the big factory. This blog is mainly to share my problems in the interview process.

Diagram of pandas' ranking mechanism

Hello, everyone! I'm Peter. In our daily life, we often encounter various ranking problems: student performance ranking, sales performance ranking, various competition ranking and so on. In a previous article about SQL, "The Interview Must have: SQL rankings and Window functions", I mentioned how to use SQL to do this

Switch from Android Studio to D8 Dexer

Faster and smarter application compilation has always been a goal of the Android tools team. That's why we previously announced D8 as the next generation dex compiler. D8 runs faster than the previous compiler, DX, and produces smaller.dex files with equal or better runtime performance. We recently announced D8 as Andro...

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