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Java classical algorithm in detail - not to see a pity

Is learning Java you several Java programming in the classic algorithm do not miss, algorithm in Java development will play a very important role, understand these commonly used algorithms will let you in the work to achieve twice the result with half the effort! Look today for you to sort out the classical algorithm: a, insert

What does the Java string concatenation operator do?

Like most other programming languages, the Java language allows the use of + to concatenate two strings. The reason for this is that when one value to the left and right of the + operator is a string, the other value is attempted to be converted to a string. Before we look at String concatenation operators, let's look at String Conversion. We know that for basic data types...

Secure code audit -PHP

Preface: This article: the CMS version is 4.2. The following vulnerabilities are included in CNVD. Environment note: PHP version should use 7.0.9. SSRF: According to the function point directed audit, in the background toolbar has a collection function, according to experience this kind of

7 Object-oriented design principles (5)- Richter's substitution principle

One of the basic principles of object-oriented design. Richter's rule of substitution says that wherever a base class can appear, a subclass must appear. LSP is the cornerstone of inheritance reuse. The base class can be reused only when the derived class can replace the base class and the function of the software unit is not affected.

Python Mathematical Modeling Series 8: Graph theory

Small knowledge, big challenge! This article is participating in the creation activity of "Essential Tips for Programmers". Dijkstra algorithm can find the shortest path from one vertex to another vertex. Basic concept undirected graph: if every edge in a graph is square

Jmeter pressure gauge guide

Preface You may be wondering, as a front end siege lion, why do I need pressure testing, and what does it have to do with me? If you want to build a full stack and write node services, you definitely need to. If as a post

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