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Use Redis to solve the problem of Session storage in NodeJS

Session synchronization problem. Suppose we have two sites, respectively. If we want to share cookies among multiple sites, we basically set the Domain property of cookies We finished our login at and entered B.hee...

Build your own personal penetration toolbox

Although there is now PentestBox penetration toolbox, it is a toolbox made abroad, but the domestic use experience is not good. First, it has been released two years ago, many tools are too old, and some tools cannot be updated, such as Metasploit

Guess what! How many HTTP requests can a TCP connection make?

A classic interview question is what happens when the URL is entered into the browser to render the page, and most of the answers are about how the DOM is constructed and drawn after the request response. But have you ever wondered how, in what order, how many connections are made, and what protocol is used to download dozens of image tags in the HTML you receive? Want to...

AcWing 1913. Fair photography

Farmer John's $N$cow stands on different sides of a long one-dimensional fence. The first $I $cow is located at position $X_I $and is of a breed of $B_I $(Guernsey or Holstein). All cows are in different positions.

RocketMQ Getting Started (Part 1)

I'm participating in nuggets Creators Camp # 4, click here to learn more and learn together! Preface Hi, everyone, I'm Helu. I have been working with message queue middleware including ActiveMQ, RocketMQ, Kafka and RabbitMQ

258. Add them all up

Offer to come, dig friends take it! I am participating in the 2022 Spring Recruit series activities - click on the task to see the details of the activities. Given a non-negative integer num, add the digits repeatedly until the result is a single digit. Returns the result. Thought analysis

Nuggets console

Water a read about only need a minute often accidentally opened in nuggets developer tools, the eye is nuggets recruitment AD yo, here there is an arrow, click can, looks very interesting this console how to write really don't know, but it doesn't matter, strip his source code! The main

Millions of hero type answer game programmer open way

How do Programmers Play Summit? Greatly inspired, just a few days ago to study the assistance of wechat jump jump, just can be used. The idea is very clear, pull the screenshot of the answer, identify it into text through OCR and then put it into Baidu search. After a few attempts, some easily searchable questions are still searchable.

OffsetParent, offsetLeft/offsetTop in-depth analysis

Element. offsetParent is the closest location element in the parent element that contains an element. Position-inner satisfies both the level nearest and position conditions. As you can see, the scrollbar is contained within the padding, so the size of offsetWidth and in the absence of the scrollbar remains the same. Element left...

A thorough understanding of the rendering engine and a few suggestions for performance optimization

In daily during the development process, good enough to write performance code, application of structure is more stable, we should not only have in-depth knowledge of the execution mechanism of javascript, more want to have a deeper understanding of its host environment, understand the working principle and structure, it can help us to web operation mode has a higher level of cognitive world. This time I want to introduce the browser rendering engine. In the...

The number of calls to the child LinearLayout#onMeasure

In general, the LinearLayout child takes at least one measurement (required) and at most three measurements in a measurement process. The first measurement is basically for all children (with special cases, see the analysis above), and the second measurement is for weighted C

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