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LXCFS practices under Docker and Kubernetes

LXCFS is a small FUSE file system designed to make the Linux container more like a virtual machine. Linuxs uses Cgroup to implement resource restriction on containers, but still mounts the /proc directory of procfs on the host by default inside the container, which contains resource information such as meminfo, cpuinfo, stat, uptime and so on. Some of the...

Hotfix and plug-in basics - Java and Android virtual machines

Compile Java files into class files using Javac. The ClassLoader loads the class bytecode into the JVM's corresponding memory. The JVM allocates memory to the method area, heap area, stack area, and local mode stack, each of which stores a different part of the bytecode. The garbage collector (GC) manages garbage in the entire memory space. L...

Nginx configures login authentication

# yum install httpd-tools # yum install httpd-tools # yum install httpd-tools # yum install httpd-tools # yum install httpd-tools # yum install httpd-tools

A year of front-end interview to upgrade the road (I)

2017 bachelor's degree, hangzhou, front-end program yuan. Before April 17, SHE was a cute girl with UI. She positioned herself as an interactive god and was keen on researching product user experience. In March, 2017, I entered the company as an intern of UI design. Due to the uncertain prospect of UI development, I decided to transfer to the front of the company after a period of careful consideration (a pat on the head), and learned by myself for a period of time and followed by the experience.

How does JWT do token relay in OpenFeign calls

When Feign is used in Spring Cloud microservice development, the problem of token relay needs to be dealt with. Only token relay can ensure the transmission of user authentication information in the call chain, and realize the implicit transmission of user authentication information in service A to service B through Feign.

Brief talk series (Vue3) V-model

Custom components are defined using the V-Model in ve2. X, in custom components in ve3. X version the same v-Model is used in custom components inside the above modelValue,(custom components inside) custom

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