Convert PDF to Word:

Convert PDF to Word using Automator on Mac

Automator is a built-in Mac application that performs tasks automatically. You can use it to rename files, open Web pages at specific times, and export files to different formats.

Open the application from the Utilities folder in Applications.

Click the New Document button and select Workflow as your document type. Then click the select button.

Drag and drop the PDF file or file to be converted to the right side of the Automator window.

In the leftmost menu, click the arrow next to the library to display its contents, and then click the PDF option. From the middle menu, select Extract PDF Text and drag it to the workflow build area on the right.

The Extract PDF Text action will appear under your PDF. Next to Output, select Rich Text to preserve the Text format in the PDF document. Select plain text to get the text.

Change the save output to the preferred location for the new text document being created. Under the output file name, select the same as the input name to use the same PDF file name, or select a custom name to change the name of the text file.

Click the Run button in the upper right corner of the window. When the transformation is complete, you will see a green tick next to workflow completion at the bottom of the window.

Go to the location where the new text document is saved. It should be an RTF file that you can edit in a text editor such as Word, TextEdit, Notes, and most other content on Mac!

Open the file in Word, click the file > Save As, and then select DOCX or DOC as the new format. After clicking Save, your PDF text will now exist as a Word file type!

Use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to convert PDF to Word

Open the PDF by holding down the Control key and clicking on it and selecting Open Mode > Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Then click the file > to convert it to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

Click Convert to the drop-down menu and select Microsoft Word Document (.docx) or Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document (.doc) to change the PDF to Word format.

Be sure to set the document language drop-down list to the language of the PDF text to preserve stress and spelling.

If you want to convert multiple PDFs to Word at once, click the Add File to Export button at the top of the window, select any other PDF, and then click Continue. You should see the other PDFs appear in the Selected Files list.

Click the Export to Word button. When prompted, select the location where you want to save your new Word files and edit their names as needed. Now you’ll be in a format that Word can read and let you edit!

Convert PDF to Word in Word for Mac

To do this conversion, open Word and click File > Open. Navigate to the PDF you want to edit, and then click Open.

Word may then issue a warning that some text formats may be lost by converting from PDF to Word. Click OK, and Word takes some time to convert.

When the conversion is complete, the PDF and its text will be saved in a Word document that you can save and edit just like any other Word document!

Save this converted PDF again as a PDF directly from Word, or just as a DOCX or DOC format, so that