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[PHP data structure] Logical operations related to queues

In logical structures, we have studied a very classic type of structure: the stack. Today, we're going to look at another very classic type of logical structure: queues. Many of you have already used redis, RabbitMQ and other cache queue tools. In fact, the database, program code, these can implement the operation of the queue, just like the stack, the queue also has its specific rules, as long as it conforms to this rule, it is called queue.

I-i. me: Url navigation is really a pseudo demand?

I began to contact the Internet from 07 years, become a Grassroots Chinese webmaster, until now finally boil into half a programmer. In 10 years, I have not made any money, nor have I developed a good technology (so I am called half a programmer), but I have witnessed earth-shaking changes in the Chinese Internet. In 10 years, there are countless websites from the rise to collapse or transformation, but there is a station, so many years even the layout has hardly changed, but every day in the service of hundreds of millions of Internet users, should also always in...

Who knows what I've been through

Articles before the north drift of a wave of layoffs after graduation adventure 】 said that after we graduated, experienced a "see the light death" (an online team disbanded) project, in order to catch project that time, few of us are working overtime to develop, while the middle demand changed several times, but we still rapid development adjustment, and achieve the online request, In the end, it was launched in advance. On the night of the launch, the boss planned to reward him after the launch.

[PHP Data Structures] Stack related logical operations

For the logical structure, we also start with the simplest. Stack, queue, these two words are familiar to most people, but the heap and the stack are actually two things. Don't let the interviewer confuse you during the interview. A heap is a tree structure, or a complete binary tree structure. Today, we're going to focus on the application of this stack.

3-5 years of PHPer should have ~

It's time to change jobs again. I may change my job, but I have checked the recruitment information online. Since I work in PHP, I have looked at the recruitment demand in the next 3-5 years, and found that all the recruitment information has the following requirements:

PHP Data Structures Extension

In PHP, arrays are so powerful that they include all of these data structures, so you don't need to pay much attention to them. Over time, the concept of data structures has faded, not that THERE are no data structures in PHP.

PHP generates the configuration file config.php generates the array configuration file

In many projects, configuration files are indispensable. Typically, configuration files are set with variables or arrays, such as databases, or some public parameters. Create {code... } configuration file {code... } how to read? {code... } Author: tankingdatel2021-04-25wechat :sansure2016Web:[link]

ThinkPHP V6.0.9 released -- regular update

V6.0.9 is a general update, mainly adding wildcard support for event listening, fixing a possible serialization vulnerability in the framework, and making some improvements and optimizations to the model. Major updates Updated League/FlySystem version Event listening supports wildcards, supports uniform configuration of time fields improved Request class all method due to vulnerabilities in league/ FlySystem earlier version, the official security update has made the PHP version of the framework dependent on...

CRMEB multi-merchant system development and construction instructions

It is recommended that you do not directly use CNPM to install dependencies. There will be a variety of weird bugs. NPM install --registry=[link] Development executes command on terminal: $NPM run dev: $NPM run dev: $NPM run dev: $NPM run dev: $NPM run dev: $NPM run dev: $NPM run dev: $NPM run dev: $NPM run dev

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