V6.0.9 is a general update, mainly adding wildcard support for event listening, fixing a possible serialization vulnerability in the framework, and making some improvements and optimizations to the model.

The main updates

  • Update the League/FlySystem version
  • Event listening supports wildcards
  • Supports the unified configuration of time fields
  • Improve the Request class all method
  • Due to a bug in the earlier version of League/FlySystem, an official security update has been issued, which also increases the PHP dependency of the framework to 7.2+.

ThinkORMThe main updates are as follows:

  • Enhanced virtual model support
  • Improved model events and database events
  • Improved dynamic harvester processing
  • Optimizing paging queries
  • Improved aggregate query
  • The association adds the withoutField method
  • Soft delete destroy method optimized

Install and update

V6 only supports the installation and update of Composer, and supports the seamless update of the previous version

composer update

Just update to the latest version.

If your PHP version is 7.1.*, you can just update the TopThink /think-orm library without updating the framework.

If a fresh installation is required, use:

composer create-project topthink/think tp

The official documentation

Official 6.0 Full development Manual 6.0 Introduction must read tutorial

The official service

Official service market — ecological service trading and delivery platform

ThinkPHP Application Service Market is an ecological service trading and delivery platform built by the government as a strategic service. ThinkPHP developers and enthusiasts can select official and third-party products and services, and provide transaction guarantee.

ThinkAPI — official unified API interface service

ThinkAPI unified API interface service is a set of interface invocation services and SDK encapsulated by official joint partners, aiming to help ThinkPHP developers more convenient and lower cost to call official and third-party apis and services, so as to build a better developer ecosystem. At present, it has access to common API interfaces including real-name authentication, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, news and life services.

ThinkSSL – official proprietary SSL certificate service

ThinkSSL is the official joint partner of ThinkPHP to launch its own SSL/TLS certificate services, selected a number of quality certificate brands and certificate types, for individuals and enterprises to provide cost-effective certificate services, support DV (domain name) and OV (enterprise), but also provide free certificate services (including wildcard certificate).