Every programmer has a framework dream,

Every webmaster ever had a url navigation dream.

I began to contact the Internet from 07 years, become a Grassroots Chinese webmaster, until now finally boil into half a programmer. In 10 years, I have not made any money, nor have I developed a good technology (so I am called half a programmer), but I have witnessed earth-shaking changes in the Chinese Internet. There are countless websites from the rise of 10 years to collapse or transformation, but there is a station, so many years even the layout almost did not change, but every day in the service of hundreds of millions of Internet users, should also always inspire new personal webmaster.

My writing is too bad, do not pack force, the following to roughly personal experience to write:

In 2007, when I was a sophomore, one night, a classmate came back from the dormitory and told us excitedly that he had registered a website called Xiaonei (Renren), where he could add friends of classmates and dress up space with code (at that time, Xiaonei not only supported HTML, CSS dress up, but also supported JS code). Hear code dress up, I came to the strength, the next day to quickly register an account, began the formal code road.

08, playing with the free space, free secondary domain name after 1 year, finally registered his first top-level domain name, buy the first virtual host, the road to start formal personal webmaster, this website, one of the secondary domain name to do the site navigation station (use off-the-shelf programs), intentions for users provide convenient Internet service, actually has not been used for myself.

10 years, the university graduates eve, through deliberate, the decision abandons all before, build a personal website again, after graduation all the time amateur operation arrives 17 end of the year, announce the journey of individual webmaster to end finally.

I have been working for 10 years, doing electronic hardware circuit design, and I often search and collect a lot of technical articles. I directly collected them in the browser favorites, and then I found that my colleagues were using 360Doc for their favorites, which felt good, but I don’t know why I don’t want to use them. Changed jobs, backed up and exported favorites, and then it was gone.

After working in the second company for 2 years, there were hundreds of favorite websites in the browser, and it was very inconvenient to check the website for half a day every time. At this time want to change the job, how to collect the url? Learning from last time, I was thinking, set up an account and sync it up? I also have a lot of urls on my home computer. If I synchronize them, what should I do if the addresses on my company computer and personal computer conflict or mix together? So many url search is inconvenient again. I decided to back it up and export it, and I never imported it again, and I lost the url.

I’ve had a few more jobs since then, all ending the same way. Even after my own computer was replaced, the url collection also suffered the same fate.

Some people say, why don’t you just sign up for an account and use the website navigator? Although the current navigation station function and the previous no change, but see the full screen of useless urls and ads.

Some people say, want to go up which station, directly in Baidu search is not over? I want to say, you search what keywords, Baidu will show you what ads, so, for so many years, most of the website I am direct browser input url open.

I can’t log in with my Google account, and the url that caused my favorites can’t be synced now. Some people say that 360 browser also works well, but I want to say that I just want to use Google Browser.

One day, the mobile phone prompt, my Meizu mobile phone system has a new version, like meizu mobile phone, the main like meizu system design, I will upgrade the new system, the big version of the upgrade will clear the data, so, mobile Phone Google browser favorites url is gone, all gone.

Since 14 years to do the work of website development, I often contact thinkPHP, so I have a framework dream, the CMS used to do the station have HBCMS, PHP168, DedecMS, with ThinkPHP, I feel I can also build a CMS, build the most useful, powerful lightweight CMS, And become famous. In fact, a CMS was built, but I had to learn to use it myself.

18 years, webmaster dream is over, CMS dream also do not want to continue to make, idle and boring, when I again in the browser input url, can not stand, every time to input, really troublesome, why not develop a simple website navigation station? Convenient for their own use, but also benefit mankind.

So, after 10 days of hard work, the website was finally completed, to achieve the url to add editing sort, to achieve page style customization, feel good about yourself. Register an account, sort out add url, and empty browser favorites by the way. At this point, I have been troubled for many years of old cold leg disease finally good, the company, mobile phone, home, url synchronization, no longer afraid of url lost, peace of mind to the mobile phone and system upgrade to the latest version.

I can’t enjoy such a useful thing by myself, so I quickly share it with my friends around me. At this time, a strange thing happened. People around me and friends I know didn’t even have this need.

Afterwards, I thought that only a curious person like me would like to collect everything. For most people, surfing the Internet means scrolling through Weibo, watching videos and chatting on wechat. They really don’t have the need to navigate websites.

After a period of sorting out, I found that most of my favorite websites are technical, such as commonly used online tools, relatively new technical framework, often read technical information, etc. So I am thinking, is not like us such technical developers, will have a strong website navigation needs? So write this article, I do feel so good things to promote to everyone, so that everyone can use, also welcome to give suggestions, for the requirements of the url navigation you are how to see? Welcome to comment and reply

Where is my navigation station? The address is in the title of this article