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Vscode notes

0x01 vscode for C/C ++ 0x01 vscode for C/C ++ 0x01 vscode for C/C ++ 0x01 } 2, vscode configuration edit c include path to add the path of the c environment installed in step 1

VS Code Keyboard Shortcuts

Mac: Cmd + BWin: Ctrl + B? Show/Hide console Mac: Cmd + J (Control + \ 'works, but sometimes it doesn't work) Ctrl + \ '(Ctrl + J works well, but my VS Code often crashes)? Zomp in/out your workspace is often used in projector scenes on Mac: Cmd + + / -Win: Ctrl + + / - Open a new software window on Mac: Cmd + S...

Java on Visual Studio Code Update -- June 2021

Hello and welcome to the special mid-year edition of the Visual Studio Code Java update. As the highlight of this article, we'll look at the product roadmap for the next few months. We'll also be showing off some important new features and improvements, so let's get started!

Emmet grammar rules

HTML initial structure! + Tab quickly generate infrastructure id(#),class(.) Div# test {code... } div.test {code... } child node (>;) , sibling node (+), parent node (^)div> ul> li> P {code... } div+ul+p {code... } div> ul> Li ^div (two ^ ^ is the upper level) {code... } repeat (*)div5 (div5) {code... Div&gt} group (()); .

A whimsical personal workbench - based on React + Electron

< div align=center> {code... } < /div> Source code address please pinch ?, please search here public number: Based on the architecture of VScode, Xiaoyu's technical article uses the idea of "dependency injection" and "multi-process" to realize the tool set tool set [] plug-in Markdown file function [x] search [x] file management (save, rename, New) [X] Outline Preview Mode [] Export PDF, MD, HTML [] Import PDF, MD, HTML Convert to...

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