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Source code address please pinch 😄, please search here public number: Xiaoyu technical essays

Based on the VSCODE framework, the use of [Dependency Injection] [Multi-process] and other ideas to achieve the tool set

Tool set

  • [] Plug-in


The file function

  • [x] search
  • [x] file management (save, rename, new)
  • [X] Outline preview mode
  • [] Export PDF, MD, HTML
  • [] Import PDF, MD, HTML

Convert to WeChat official account

  • [x] Default theme
  • [] Theme customization
  • [] Picture typesetting
  • [] One-click publishing

The proxy tool

  • []…

The development of

  • Install dependencies
  • Set the electron mirror

    yarn config set electron_mirror https://npm.taobao.org/mirrors/electron/
  • Install dependencies

  • The development of
  • yarn start:views
  • yarn start:workbench
  • Yarn Release: Mac