In the SAP Cloud Application Programming model, we can use the following command line to store Entity data using a Persistent Database.

cds deploy –to sqlite:my.db

cds deploy –to sqlite:my.db

filling sap.capire.bookshop.Authors from db\data\sap.capire.bookshop-Authors.csv

filling sap.capire.bookshop.Books from db\data\sap.capire.bookshop-Books.csv

/> successfully deployed to ./my.db

/> updated ./package.json

This command generates a my.db file under the project folder.

.db file format cannot be opened directly in Visual Studio Code:

You can install this Visual Studio Code extension called SQLite:

After the installation, you can see a new SQLite Explorer pane on the left of Visual Studio Code, where you can browse the database tables and views contained in the my.db file:

Right-click on the menu and select Show Table to view the contents of the specified database Table:

You can also edit your own SQLite Query and execute it by right-clicking on the Run Selected Query menu:

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