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How does VS Code set the top of a file to include author information, dates, and function comments

Posted on April 5, 2023, 8:11 p.m. by Vanessa Johnson
Category: visual-studio-code Tag: visual-studio-code

1. Install KorofileHeader plug-in

2. In the lower left corner, select Management - Settings - type "FileHeader "- then click" Edit in Settings.

3. Put the following code in a JSON file

// fileheader comment "fileheader.customMade": { "Descripttion":"", "version":"", "Author":"CoderXZ", "Date":"Do not edit", "LastEditors":"CoderXZ", "LastEditTime" : "Do not Edit"}, / / function annotation "fileheader. CursorMode" : {" name ":" ", "MSG" : ""," param ":" ", "return" : ""},

Shortcuts: Ctrl + Command + I Generates Header Comments

Shortcuts: Ctrl + Command + T generate function comments

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