1. Install the leaked Windows 11 virtual machine

1.1 Create a virtual machine

1.2 Boot mode select BIOS

1.3 Language Selection

Keep the default

Professional activation code:*

Home version activation code:*

To prevent malicious use please lick + friends :V: xuegodcn

If you want to install the specified version, you can click “I don’t have a product key” to skip it

The Windows operating system will reserve 50M space

The system is installed in the partition we created, do not select the 50MB reserved partition.

Waiting for the end of installation

Just keep the default selection.

The default option

Add extra keyboard layouts, no need to Skip.

Select the individual installation above and the organization or school below.

To log in, you can choose to use a Microsoft account. If you don’t have an account, follow the following procedure to create a local computer account.

Select Limited Experience to create a local user.

Create a username

Set the password

Set 3 security questions to retrieve the password.

** What was your first pet’s name?


** Your first school


** The city where you were born


Privacy Settings: Cancel all dropdown, and the system will collect all your information and use it to push advertisements to you.

1.2 Activate Windows11 and new system features

Install the Chinese Language Pack

Install and set as the system display language

After the installation is complete, you will be prompted to log in again.

After the installation of the localization function is not complete, only part of the localization, because the resource file cannot be fully downloaded.

Close the prompt, or keep popping up.

Activate the system, can not be used without activating many small functions.

Click Start to activate.

1.3 Win11 characteristics

** Taskbar is centered and can be customized. Win menu optimization.

Right-click on taskbar **

Select Left to change the display to the Left.

The sharp corners of all ICONS in Windows 11 have been rounded. So Lei Jun to millet spent 200W to the millet icon round this matter seems to be affirmed.

** The second icon is the search box, just like Windows 10.

The third is the new desktop function, which can set up multiple desktop environments. Work peep little sister no longer need to be found, of course, the function in Win10 itself, but in Win11 in a more prominent position. Win10 is available through the Win+Tab shortcut. 支那

The fourth is a dashboard that requires a Microsoft account login to use.

What’s interesting is that PowerShell has been added to the right-click menu.

This article is only used for personal technical communication to prevent malicious use of the system, please contact me 11 to get it