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The next break point in the mini-program? Pin small program card, application and platform deep integration

As a new application form and technical scheme, card technology still has many imperfections and needs continuous iteration and optimization. However, it is undeniable that from Icon to Card is undoubtedly an important direction in the subsequent development process of the current mobile development field.

Secret encryption technology dry | use mPaaS configuration SM2 countries guidelines

With the wide application of mobile intelligent terminals, sensitive information is easy to be monitored or stolen, bringing great political and economic losses to the country, enterprises and individuals. Various enterprises in finance and important fields are gradually implementing and completing the work of domestic password transformation.

Alipay mobile terminal Hybrid solution exploration and practice

1. High Availability Performance Challenges in the context of mobile Internet This paper mainly introduces the changes and performance challenges of Alipay APP in the rapid development stage of mobile Internet in recent years. 2. Construction and Evolution of Alipay Hybrid solution (H5 container & small program) In order to meet the challenges mentioned above, Alipay gradually precipitates 2 sets of Hybr...

Live preview application | reinforcing crack prevention, 4.1 fold is enough

Whether it is Androidapp or Jar application code once distributed will face the commercial risk of reverse cracking November 8 (this Sunday) 16:00 PM mPaaS invites you to solve the application reinforcement problems more 4.1 discount double 11 limited time special offer for your reinforcement road to cut half the cost ? point

Ant Financial technical expert: How does mPaaS build the "most user aware" App?

Abstract: Ant Financial product and service technology expert Fu Haitao made a wonderful sharing on the theme of intelligent Road of A New generation of Mobile R&D Platform mPaaS in the financial special session of Alibaba Cloud Summit. On July 6-7, Ant Financial mPaaS team Fu Haitao, Luo Qiping and Lu Dan will be lecturers at the 43rd MPD Workshop in Beijing. For more details, please click here. December 2016...

Creditease container cloud troubleshooting tool set

Creditease Container Cloud is a container management platform based on Kubernetes. When line of business users deploy applications on the container cloud, they often encounter situations where the container does not start or the application does not run properly. In order to facilitate users to troubleshoot problems in the cloud process of applications, we integrate a series of troubleshooting methods on the Web side, as shown in the following figure: Terminal information Displays the standard output logs of container instances when they run. ...

Pay treasure to the intelligent exploration and practice | xMedia: multimedia intelligent application framework

Soon after is the Lunar New Year, in recent years, in addition to the Spring Festival Gala during the New Year, there is a new national activity, that is alipay AR sweep blessing. Since the Spring Festival of 2017, Alipay has started to play the game of five blessings to become interesting, and launched AR real-scene red envelopes one after another: by hiding the red envelopes in a specific scene, open the AR camera to search, this novel way of red envelopes based on LBS caused a wave of heat...

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