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The privatized deployment and transformation practice of Android component-based system on JD m-PAAS platform

Cloud on the system is an effective way for technology enterprises and traditional enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency and cooperate with office. This paper records and shares the process of the privatization deployment and transformation of Aura platform (Android component platform) under THE M-PAAS platform of JD in t-PAAS environment. Jingdong M-PAAS platform is an enterprise-level mobile RESEARCH and development platform, combined with "JINGdong department" APP research and development experience and the most...

MPaaS Applets bootcamp, 4 days to teach you how to run applets independently!

With the increasing maturity of small program technology, more and more business modules have been transformed through small program, thus realizing the smooth experience of "ready-to-use, ready-to-go". But at the same time, it is more and more urgent for the business side to build its own traffic system to achieve "code writing once, multi-terminal delivery, overwrite

Troubleshooting guide | mPaaS small program was stuck on the three dots

Symptom Common Causes Connecting the UCSDK to An Android application can effectively solve the compatibility problems of various vendors' browsers, and maintain a lower flicker rate and better performance than the system browser. UCSDK provides security support to solve security risks in a timely manner. Using UC kernel, can be made small

Here comes the technology for launching applets in your own App: mPaaS Applets architecture in depth parsing

This paper will focus on the evolution of Alipay's mobile terminal architecture, and share our thoughts and specific practices on "App dynamics" and "improving R&D efficiency". At the same time, in view of the opening of mPaaS small program capability, we will also introduce how to achieve "small program code only write once, multi-end delivery", which will bring completely different development experience to developers. Let's start with a review...

Countdown 09: sail clouds | create digital geek, redefine system

Product features: Omnidirectional message touch reminder can be set according to the needs of different business scenarios message reminder. Take schedule management as an example: You can set the task to remind the corresponding executive every day after the task is overdue. You can send message reminders by email, SMS, or wechat. Also supports the user to a certain number

MPaaS H5 container | FAQ knowledge list first

Hybrid development mode is not a new topic. It can not only release new business quickly, but also provide strong flexibility for business update and iteration without considering the time of App release. Compared with Web development, Hybrid development mode provides rich device APIS, making business forms more diversified and rich. MPaaS offline package from Alipay native program, after...

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