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Product features: omnidirectional message touch reminder

Message reminders can be set up according to the needs of different business scenarios.

Take schedule management as an example: You can set the task to remind the corresponding executive every day after the task is overdue.

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You can send message reminders by email, SMS, or wechat.

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At the same time, users can also set a custom reminder of a data.

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Delfan Cloud (www.definesys.cn) is committed to helping organizations quickly digitize their business and management by providing zero-code, low-code solutions. With the out-of-the-box components and functions provided by Derfan Cloud, you can flexibly and quickly build various digital systems within the organization (such as: purchase, sale and inventory management, after-sales service, CRM, personnel management, etc.) to fulfill the digital needs of enterprises and achieve cost reduction, efficiency improvement and rapid innovation of the organization.

As to sail cloud user, you can be a professional technical personnel, and is the head of IT technical background, consulting, product managers, and even workplace small white, as long as there are digital and transition thought consciousness, all can with sails cloud product powerful zero configuration code ability and strong ability of extension, integration, secondary development, Instantly configure and use digital systems to help you become a digital geek, empowering your organization and enhancing your value.

Delfan Cloud belongs to Shanghai Delfan Information Technology Co., LTD. (referred to as delfan Information). Delfan Information is one of the digital transformation technology companies with large staff, wide service scope and multiple customer groups in the field of enterprise-level middleware (ESB, Portal, BPM, micro services, etc.) and mid-Taiwan products.