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Product information | mPaaS complete iOS and Android 14 11 adaptation

Posted on July 30, 2023, 7:40 a.m. by Martyn Stevenson
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With the official release of iOS 14 and Android 11, mPaaS has been adapted and tested on 10.1.68. For details, you can scan the qr code below to view relevant documentation.

  • For iOS 14:
  • For Android 11:

Upgrade Related Matters

1. If the current baseline is 68, you need to upgrade to the latest product set:

  • Android upgrade to;
  • IOS upgrade to;

2. Users using the Android multi-CPU architecture baseline should upgrade to the latest version of Android 11 (CP_change_22487.8).

  • Reference documents:

3. If the baseline version is 60 or later, upgrade to the latest baseline version 68 before adaptation. Reference Documents:


Important Risk warning

1. According to the Review rules of Apple App Store, apps containing UIWebview code will no longer be accepted for update or release from December 2020, and apps using baseline versions 60, 32 and below will not be approved by Apple at that time; The iOS 14 and Android 11 adaptation is only on the 68 baseline.

  • Reference documents:

2. When upgrading the App, please do a detailed regression test to ensure that the overall function, compatibility and stability of the App are not affected.

3. If customized solutions are required, contact after-sales support to obtain the solution of the latest version.

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