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When APP starts mPaaS, the page is stuck Loading (three blue dots). How to check the page?

Common reasons for

Connecting UC SDK to Android applications can effectively solve the compatibility problems of various vendors’ browsers, and maintain a lower flicker rate and better performance than system browsers. The UC SDK provides security support to resolve security risks in a timely manner. Using UC kernel, small programs can have the same level of ability, such as embedded WebView, embedded map, and have a better rendering experience.

To use small programs, you must apply for the UC kernel, obtain the KEY of the UC kernel by submitting a work order, and configure related parameters in androidmanifest.xml.

Thinking of the February

Generally, there are two reasons: one is that the path of the home page of the small program is incorrect, and the other is that there is no UC kernel.

1. Check whether the UC kernel takes effect

APK runs on the mobile phone to view Log logs to verify that the UC kernel has taken effect. Android Studio’s Logcat logs filter webView versions.

As shown below, under normal circumstances:

  • Version indicates the UC kernel whose version starts with 2 or 3.

  • The OS kernel starts with Chrome.

2. Check whether the main entry path of the applet is correct

The main entry of the applets must be the same as the main entry in the mPaaS console. The default main entrance of the console is Pages /index/index

The repair order to assist

If the problem still cannot be solved, please prepare a duplicate Demo project of the relevant problem and contact mPaaS after-sales technical support through Ali Cloud work order system.

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How to preset mPaaS applets on Android?

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