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National Day gift! How to release an independent open source ebook with unlimited space and unlimited flow?

1. Technology changes quickly and e-books are convenient for content updating. 2. Gifs are much more vivid than single screenshots. Docsify inherits the advantages of Gitbook, such as keeping the left side of the directory, convenient to switch chapters, perfect for PC mobile terminal, and the main program open source. Docsify is a more advanced application than Gitbook, it does not need to build, completely free, provides basic HT...

Tencent Web engineer's front end book list

Since January 2014, I have been in touch with web front-end development for more than two years. Record some books I read on the way of front-end learning and some hearsay, and basically introduce them from shallow to deep.

Asynchronous community this week half price ebook

Oracle 12C basics, system performance and features, and how to support cloud computing; The system architecture of Oracle 12C mainly describes the concept of CDB and PDB, the relationship between them, and how to create CDB and PDB. SQL PLUS provides details on the services required to run Oracle 12C, what these services do, and how to start and configure them.

Python operations, automatic copy OF the U disk

It takes about 6 minutes to read the text. There are a lot of interesting things to do with Python, such as automatically sending messages to your wechat friends, viewing your wechat friends' withdrawn messages, and controlling your computer via wechat. I have also shared a lot of interesting programs on my public account. In the near future, I will collect some Python programs and share them with you.

Asynchronous Community half-price ebook this week (May 28 - June 03)

This book based on Kafka version, the implementation details of the basic components of Kafka and its basic application are introduced in detail. At the same time, through the interpretation of Kafka and the current mainstream framework of big data integration application case, further show the role and status of Kafka in the actual business. This book a total of 10 chapters, according to the abstract to concrete, from point to line and then to the surface of the learning mode of thinking,...

Half price e-books this week

This book brings together the tools and techniques needed to write efficient and useful C programs and encourages readers to re-understand and value THE C language in order to better use it. The book inherits from the previous edition about how to use shell, makefiles, beautiful text editor, debugger, memory management and other tools and techniques, and adds about concurrent programming, virtual tables and other features, better help C language users to carry out...

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