We should know that there are a lot more people mining Ethereum now than before. Some of these people are office workers, some students, some freelancers and so on. They are ordinary people in daily life. Of course, there are many people may be professional mining, or engaged in related industries, for them more experienced than the average person. So how can ordinary people better participate in Ethereum mining?

Under real circumstances, ordinary users participate in mining through the following three ways: purchase cloud computing power mining, joint mining, purchase mining machine to mine trusteeship mining.

Cloud computing power mining refers to mining digital currency through remote call of mining machine computing power, users only need to purchase or rent the required computing power from the relevant platform. The reason why many investors are not exposed to the “mining circle” is that the threshold of mining is too high and the investment cost is too high. Now a mining machine is often tens of thousands of yuan, if the need for custody is generally hundreds of sets, but also need to pay electricity and a series of fees, which makes ordinary investors hope to stop.

Cloud computing is one of the easiest ways to get started with mining. The cloud computing power platform operates computing power of a certain scale, breaks it into parts and sells it to users. Users can choose different computing forces and time cycles. For example, you can choose to buy 50T computing power cycle of 360 days of cloud computing power products, after the payment, you can sit and wait for the currency. The advantage of cloud computing power is low user threshold, almost no intermediate links, easy to understand.

Joint mining is also a one-stop service, from the group purchase of mining machines, off and off the platform, custody, operation and maintenance, maintenance, migration, access to the mining pool to residual value sale, all the work related to mining package is completed by the joint mining service provider. Like cloud computing power, users can pay while lying down to receive money, which is very simple and convenient, saving time and effort.

Of course you can buy a miner to mine. Process: probably buy mine machine, start the intervention of network – > select mine pool to registered account, fill out the etheric lane closed currency address (dig into the etheric fang, will automatically transfer to the address) – > feeder plugged in and cables, mine machine automatically assign IP addresses to scan the latest step in after the equipment IP address into the background to set the account of mine pool, step to complete the configuration. As the pool grows, so does the difficulty of mining. Miners should also consider the stability and income guarantee of the mine pool when choosing the mine pool.

ETH has a lot of intrinsic utility as a reserve asset in the Ethereum ecosystem. It is the only completely trust-free asset that can be used as collateral in many decentralized financial applications. Such an asset is naturally suitable for use as margin. ETH is also the most convenient asset in terms of enabling payments between Ethereum applications. The ETH can be used as collateral, as margin, and for trade settlement.