It has been several years since the project of mining appeared. For example, the miners who participated in mining in the early stage should have made a lot of money. After all, there were fewer people and less competition, and the probability of mining coins was greater. And early mining is generally a personal configuration configuration mining machine to dig, unlike now more are through the professional company platform to mine, after all, the difficulty is getting more and more difficult, the requirements for mining machine configuration is also getting higher and higher. So can individuals dig for fil? How do people mine?

At present, most people’s understanding of mining mainly comes from BTC mining. Bitcoin mining belongs to PoW mining, which is relatively simple. Users can buy their own mining machine to join, also can join the mine pool. Simple configuration and almost no maintenance. The general practice is that the mining machine home, connected to the power supply, network, boot, simple configuration, including the wallet address, mining pool information, etc., just wait for the income.

However, if you think about Filecoin mining this way, it’s too simple. Due to the different mining mechanism, mining preparation, maintenance of professional degree, equipment, network and other factors will affect the income of mining, if not well managed, not only can not obtain the ideal income, but also may bring losses.

Because FIL mining is storage mining, so ensure that the machine can be online at any time, the file can be stored and retrieved at any time, so it is necessary to be online at any time, the file can be retrieved and stored at any time. So how to ensure that the machine is online at any time, that is the front pledge, each FIL mining in addition to the hardware also needs miners to provide a certain number of FIL as pledge, to ensure the machine online! Another is a debugging of the machine, which requires professional equipment to do a debugging. The debugging process also needs to consume a certain FIL as gas fee.

Fil dig the transmission speed and server requires electricity to run continuously, the speed and stability of the network speed will affect the speed of data transmission, and the server need 24 hours to work, if mining in the home, meet the power of words, all of the data server all lost, may be the consequences of mortgage tokens to confiscation system. Hosted in the professional machine room, the machine room is the use of uninterrupted power supply system, which also does not exist the problem of power outage.

Own purchase of server equipment to build a small machine room, need technical support, 24 hours of continuous power network. If the data problem can not be repaired in time within 24 hours, Filecoin will be responsible for the penalty of confiscation of pledged currency, which is very risky. Maybe it will be returned to zero overnight. The premise of investment all hit water drift, that is why do not recommend the individual set up a mine to dig FIL coins. So do you want to say for sure that individuals can dig? Can, but it is difficult to get the income, unless the above requirements can be met by individuals, otherwise do not suggest individuals to dig FIL, or to a professional platform company is better.