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These wiki pages are edited and maintained by the PI chat moderator community and are not an official statement by the PI core team. Email requests submitted through this website are maintained by the PI core team.

The PI Web Community Wiki is designed to help pioneers troubleshoot and resolve problems on their own before initiating E-mail requests. The purpose of our email request system is to allow pioneers to report bugs and eliminate bugs in applications or PI accounts that are not covered by the community Wiki. The core team welcomes meaningful questions and feedback. Due to high ticket volume, priority will be given to responding to constructive suggestions and key questions that cannot be addressed by FAQs, community wikis or chat moderators, but your message will be reviewed by members of the PI core team.

For general questions about PI networks, such as how to mine PIs, or how PI applications work, see the FAQ page: https://minepi.com/faq. To learn about PI Network’s mission, vision, and long-term strategy, see the white paper: https://minepi.com/white-paper.

If you have additional questions after reading the FAQ or whitepaper, please go to the PI App chat room where PI chat moderators can provide clarification and troubleshooting guidance.

How to log in – do I forget how to register, or forget my password

Importantly, you log in to the PI application using the original method you used to register an account, which is a Facebook or phone number that you registered with a password. If you use a different method or phone number during the account registration process than the original method, you will create a completely new account, but the internal PIs have not yet been mined. This does not mean that the PI in your original account is missing. So if you are asked to enter your first and last name or user name when trying to log in, please stop. Do not use this login method to create a new account and try another method (Facebook with phone number) or your other phone number.

In general, try the following to see if the original account can be retrieved:

Please try to log in via Facebook and click “Continue using Facebook”. (If you receive an error that takes you back to the login page, please review the process again.

Click Continue Using Phone Numbers to try to log in using the phone number associated with your account.

If you forgot your password when Continue Using Phone Numbers, or did not receive a verification code, click Forget Password or Restore Account to try to restore your account.

Sometimes, your Settings may affect the login. Please try to login under different conditions (these will have different login attempts) :

Login Attempt 1: Turn off the phone, then Login Attempt 2: Turn off WiFi and use data Login Attempt 3: Try to turn on (or off) using the VPN

Before accessing the Pi Wallet, download the new “Pi Browser “app from the iOS App Store or the GooglePlay Store. Be sure to download the “PI Browser” developed by PI Community Inc. To ensure that the correct application is downloaded, you can also complete this step later by following the steps below.

Open the Pi Network Mining application (the original application for mining Pi).

Go to the side menu in the top left corner and select ☰ “PI Browser”.

Read the instructions there and click the button “Log in to PI Browser”.

This will open the Pi Browser and automatically log in when you download the Pi Browser, or go to the App Store where you can install the Pi Browser and then open it.

For some Android users, it will open a link in the phone’s default browser, not the PI browser, so you may need to open the PI browser application yourself.

The easiest way to log in to Pi-related apps on the PI browser is to follow the instructions in the last step by mining apps. However, you can also log into Pi Browser directly by typing mine. Pi in the URL field of Pi Browser, then click “Use other login methods” and enter Pi network credentials.

When you log in to the Pi browser, you will see the welcome page with the “wallet.pi” icon.

Click on the “wallet.pi” icon.

Click “Create Wallet”.

Make sure your passwords are stored securely, directly on your phone, accessed only via fingerprint (Android) or Touch ID/ Face ID (iOS), or copied and pasted into a secret and secure place. A password phrase is a “password” made up of a long list of words. It’s like a private key to an encrypted wallet. If you lose your keys, you will lose access to the wallet and cannot retrieve the wallet due to the non-custodial nature of the PI wallet. So please don’t lose your passphrase and don’t make it open for others to access for free.

How do I validate your PI account

Do I need to use my phone number or Facebook for verification? At this point, the pioneer does not need to use their phone number or Facebook for verification. They can continue mining, even if they are unproven. If you can now verify your phone number according to our current telephone verification method, please do so. If for some reason you cannot verify your phone number with our current method, there is no need to rush or worry now. You can keep digging, and you may have more validation methods to do in the future. In the future, you will need to verify your phone number before Mainnet in order to claim that you have mined the PI, unless you have been verified by Facebook. If you have verified your PI account on Facebook, you do not need to verify your phone number.

What is the best form of validation? Some pioneers will have multiple validation options. Select the option that best suits your needs. Consider how you want to log in. If you have a Facebook profile, do you want to use your Facebook credentials to log in? Would you like to use a password and phone number to log in? Also, consider what log-in method is easier if you forget your password.

In the future, the pioneers will use a variety of validation methods. If you can verify using two different methods, you will also have two different ways to log in.

How do I verify my account with my phone number? If you have the option to validate using this method, you will see the Validate button next to this option on the Profile page. If the option is not available, you will see “N/A” next to the option.

Go to the “Profile” page

Click the Verify button to the right of Phone Verify

Depending on your country/region, you may have different options, so please follow the instructions.

If you have a phone number for the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium, or Israel, you may receive a text message with a code, which you then enter on the next screen.

If you do not have a phone number in the US, UK, Belgium or Israel, please select any country to send a text message and then click the green “Start” button. Then press Send your SMS app. Carrier messaging rates will apply. Make sure you have enabled international SMS from your mobile phone carrier. Sometimes they may charge you even if the text is not successful. In addition, you may be successful with one number instead of another, so you may need to try more than one country/region.

Also note that if you have difficulty with either of the above methods, there are “manual instructions”.

How to set up nodes

For help with node installation steps, check out our other community Wiki pages here: https://github.com/pi-node/in… . If this other wiki doesn’t help you with your problem, you can also submit a “problem” on the GitHub page. In addition, if you have submitted your application before May 1, 2020, you may receive additional guidance by visiting the Node Applicant Chat Room in your application.

Please note that this is a testing phase designed to resolve the various hardware, software, and Internet connectivity issues encountered in our distributed community. Our goal is to enable as many node applicants as possible to successfully install these steps. After that, we can calibrate the requirements for the equipment hardware and software needed to implement a reliable and secure network. Even if you are not currently able to complete all the steps, this still provides us with useful information as we make any necessary improvements to accommodate additional devices from our community.

Account Settings

Changes to your account cannot be made via email or support portals because we cannot securely verify requests from real account holders. In other words, we cannot process requests to change your name, user name, phone number, or password. For more details about the properties of each account, see the following subsection. If you would like to be added to the email list to be notified when in-app features are available, fill out the email request form here.

How do I change the name on my account? The core team does not manually handle name changes or correct errors. Currently, all existing pioneers have a 3-day grace period to update their name, and new pioneers can update their name within the first two weeks after registration. In the future, there may be an “appeal” process to record errors, details to be decided at a later time.

Please note that your “nickname” or “common name” is the name that will appear in your profile. The minor problem with the name is understandable, and may still be possible through KYC.

How do I change a user name on an account? The user name should not be changed. Currently, there is no option to change the user name within the application. In the future, we hope to have a feature within the application that will allow you to request a username change if it contains vulgar or personal data (such as your name or phone number).

How do I change my phone number on my account? Currently, there is no option to change the phone number within the app.

In the future, there will be a function in the application where you can change the phone number (with limits). The core team spent a lot of time carefully designing this feature to ensure that it would not be abused by bots or fake accounts. This is an important feature, but there is no timeline for the release of this feature.

Please make sure you remember your password. If you log out and need to log in again, you can log in again using your old phone number and password. If you forget your password, you cannot restore the account with the phone number. So please keep your password safe. (Another way to make sure you can log in to your account is to authenticate your account with Facebook.

How do I change my password on my account? Currently, there is no option to change the password within the application.

If you forget your password and have quit the application, you will need to go through the account recovery process to create a new password before entering the application.

How do I delete my account? Within the application, you can start the deletion process on your own. If you are logged into your account, go to the menu in the upper left corner, then go to the “Profile” page, and then click the “See How” button to start the process.

Or, if you abandon the account, it will not be authenticated later and will not become part of the main network.

How do I delete the second account? I accidentally made multiple accounts and I don’t want to be banned. If you can log in to a second account, you can start the deletion process on your own. Go to the menu in the upper left corner, then go to the “Profile” page, and click the “See How” button to start the process.

If you are unable to log in to the second account, we hope that in the future there will be a feature within the application where you can declare a duplicate account and request that it be removed. Please make sure you declare duplicate accounts to avoid violating the Terms of Service.

Establishment of safety circles

How to add to my security circle? After three 24-hour mining cycles, you will be able to add members to your security circle. You should be able to add your revenue team members to your security circle in the following directions:

Click the mask icon on the home screen

Click the “Add an Existing PI User” button

Click the orange “add” button next to their name

There should then be a green check mark by their name to complete the process!

How to add to the security circle from mobile contacts? If the person has registered his or her phone number, you can click the “Contact Add” button to add another pioneer. Sometimes, you may see their name with the green PI logo, or you may just know that they are already a pioneer. Click on their name, and then click OK.

How do I add Facebook friends to my security circle? Currently, Pioneer cannot add or search for other Facebook-verified Pioneers, for example, there is currently no way to view the friends list to see which Facebook friends have PI accounts. Users verified by Facebook can add members from their income groups as well as from their phone contacts (see the first two questions above).

How many people can I add to the security circle? If you have added five members to the security circle, you have achieved the maximum number of members in the security circle that can accumulate to the base mining rate. You can still add more people to your safety circle, but other members after age 5 will not increase your mining rate. Another way to increase your mining rate is to invite more people to join your revenue team through bonuses. PIs reward pioneers for their contributions to the network’s security (security circle) and growth (revenue team).

Keep in mind that by adding a person to your security circle, you confirm that this person is someone you trust, which is why you get a mining rate bonus.

What if I don’t have anyone to add to my security circle? You can still stay in the app and my PI. If you add people to your safety circle, you will increase your mining rate.

Can I remove a member from my income team?

Technically none, especially for all truly human members of the earning team, as earning team structures not only involve mining bonuses, but also capturing the history of who invites whom into the network.

However, if you really believe that the Revenue Team member is a fake account, you can either remove it from the Earning Team chat or report the Revenue Team member as a fake account. The report fake feature will also automatically remove them from your revenue team chat. You can then use the filter function to “hide the report” and make it disappear from your revenue team interface.

If you have an inactive team member, you can hide the inactive team member using the filter feature on the Earn Team page.

If you have someone harassing your Earning Team Chat, you can remove a member from Earning Team Chat by going to the menu in the upper right corner of Earning Team Chat and clicking “Remove from Chat”.

Is there a limit on the number of people I can invite? There’s no limit. You can invite as many people as you want.

What happens if a member of my revenue team is inactive? When members of your revenue team are also active and digging with you, your mining rate will increase. If members of your revenue team are inactive, you will not receive a mining bonus, but it will not have a negative impact on your mining rate.

You alert your revenue team members by clicking “Ping Inactive” and inactive members of the team will receive notification reminders.

What happens if a member of my revenue team is a fake account? If your revenue team members are fake accounts, the mining bonus received from them will be deleted before Phase 3 goes into Mainnet.

We recognize that, unfortunately, your balance may be reduced as a result of the elimination of such bonuses. However, this is an unfair gain in the first place, because the PI policy has defined that PI can only be real people with one account per person, and all fake accounts will be destroyed. Imagine a bad actor who creates a lot of fake accounts to earn PIs at a higher rate. In order to maintain the credibility and fairness of our network, we cannot allow anyone to earn PIs unfairly through any type of fake account rewards.

Be careful of fraud

With the growth of the Pi network, there has recently been an increase in fraud cases claiming to involve Pi. Keep in mind that Pi is mined for free, but is not currently for sale. PI Network is not affiliated with any person or organization that claims to sell PI, PI futures or any derivative of PI. All of these sales are unauthorized and may result in the loss of your funds or personal data. PI is not currently on any trading or futures exchange, nor does it trade other currencies/cryptocurrencies.

Avoid unauthorized sales of PI, PI futures or derivatives

Avoid all unauthorized sales of Pi, Pi, futures or derivatives for either of these scams may not have the Pi, they claim that they do, to promise you back the Pi, after you pay them money, or the futures and derivatives will be set up in the air assets, there is no support for their value, which may eventually in the case of “pump and dump”. Keep in mind that it takes time to create and build real value, and the promise of quick money is usually a scam. Due to our policy that all PIs earned through fake accounts or scripts will be burned and current in-app transfer terms, many of these scammers who think they have a certain amount of PIs will lose their PIs before due to our policy and terms prohibiting behavior.

Therefore, there is no other way to increase your mining rate or get more PIs than by mining within your application. Beware of scammers who make false claims and you can get more than what can be earned in the Pi app. You can mine PIs for free by pressing the mining button in the app every day, and are rewarded for securing your network by having up to 5 members in the security circle and by inviting you to build your revenue team to grow the network.

Don’t share personal information

, please do not provide your personal information (such as phone number, email address, password, PI username and balance) to any organization, website, social media or any SMS application that drops or potential deals. No airdrops were made by the PI network. As mentioned above, any futures or derivatives of PI may not have any support, so in this case you are at risk of privacy and identity theft.

Any unofficial community pretending to run paid “Pi KYC” is a scam, and you may lose money, and may have your identity stolen. All PI KYC processes are started only from this application. If you are selected for KYC, which is currently free, we will be notified.

Do not share personal information (such as phone number, email address, password) in Pi App chat rooms or any communication channels that strangers can view. Specifically, you should not exchange phone numbers or add strangers to your security circle. You should only add people you trust to your security circle. Remember, you won a security circle award for making your network more secure. If you add an untrusted person to the security circle, your actions will not only not contribute to the security of the network, but may adversely affect your ability to make transfers and PI account recoveries in the future. Use official PI web resources

The best place to get information about PI is from within the application and on our official website at www.minepi.com. The PI chat moderator manages this community wiki page and is intended to provide reliable information, but it may contain inaccuracies. Beware of sites that mimic our website or social media pages. The side menu of the Pi App has a link to our official social media site. Beware of unofficial Pi-related social pages or groups that offer information or services. Some sources may be reliable, but others spread false rumors. Therefore, be sure to refer to the PI app or website for official news and information.

Always report suspicious activity

If you encounter fraud or suspicious activity, please send the scam as supporting evidence of the email request through our support portal and use the Fraud Report Form. If any Pioneer attempts to buy, sell or trade Pi in the Pi App chat room, this is a violation of our Terms of Service. If you see this activity, please take a screenshot of the violator’s message and send an email request through our support portal and use the fraud report form.