This recent period of time to strengthen the supervision of the currency circle is also a comprehensive Waterloo, BTC ETH phase continued exit! Before the dark horse Chia was named by the CCTV financial seriously affect the health of the market, computing power continues to fall! Swarm BZZ, a project known as the king of the world, plummeted 94% on the platform line and now it has dropped to around 8.23U. The people who invested in Kia were stuck, and BZZ was not online on the main net. Many miners were scared and even suspicious of life. They stumbled around and found that IPFS was better

However, many miners still have doubts about IPFS in the Waterloo state of the currency circle. Will IPFS be abolished like BTC?

In fact, IPFS will not be removed but gradually recognized! This is because of the real value IPFS brings to human society.


Do you get excited when you hear words like “the Internet of Everything”, “autonomous driving” and “artificial intelligence”? Looking forward to such technology maturity and perfection? But did you know that as these technologies mature, we’re going to have an exponential growth in data, a tsunami of data coming towards us! Tesla, for example, has more than 78 high-definition cameras all over its body, 12 ultrasonic sensors, several radars, and that’s just one car. If autonomous driving becomes widespread and cars on the street have so many data collection devices, it will generate a huge amount of data! Since historical data cannot be deleted casually, the amount of data accumulated will be very terrible!

Since everything will be connected, everything will produce huge amounts of data! Data is coming to us like a tsunami! And it’s growing exponentially. How are we going to deal with it? You may say: so how to save with respect to how to save bai! So how did I save the data? Most of our data is stored in “data centers,” which have thousands of servers! They may belong to Alibaba, Baidu, and other large and small companies. Data is stored on servers in these data centers, but data centers tend to only store data, not produce it.

For example, in Ping An City, it is the cameras on the street that generate huge amounts of data, but these data are transmitted to and stored in the data center. These “data centers” are like hot spots, with data streaming in like a flood of people. The road to the scenic spot will be blocked, the scenic spot must be crowded! The problem is that data stays in the data center for a long time after it arrives! No popular tourist attraction can stand this! Now the data center and the road to the data center have been very congested under the condition of continuous expansion! The scarier problem is that the data grows thousands of times, so the original data center solution has no way to cope with the coming data tsunami!

What would you do? There’s only one way: store the data where it’s generated! For example, now the popular “smart city” or “smart transportation” busy streets will produce a huge amount of data, which need not be transmitted to the “data center”, but can be stored locally! That is to say, “the grain handed over to the state Treasury is kept in local warehouses, and need not be hauled to Beijing”. This method of storing data where it is generated is called “distributed storage”. It’s because central storage can’t be done, so we have “distributed storage”! tp_%2F%2Fimg.ctlives.jpg

This is what I want to tell you: Distributed storage is not driven by research, it is driven by market conditions! Distributed system storage is playing a more and more critical role in the Internet era, especially in the future, distributed system storage will grant the blockchain market industry and other traditional manufacturing industry greater space and infinite possibilities. With the customer as the key target, the dominant power is delivered to the customer himself, the customer can easily control the real identity of the data and the development of the data information.

Since the launch of IPFS project, more and more domestic and foreign enterprises and investment institutions have laid out IPFS project, and regard IPFS as a competitive advantage, and invested a lot of money to carry out product research and development. Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, Microsoft and other well-known institutions at home and abroad have entered the venue. In addition, China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television published on its official website the Notice of the White Paper Series on the Application of Blockchain Technology, which talked about IPFS technology. It is not hard to see that the IPFS project has gained support from all walks of life. Filecoin is the only incentive layer for IPFS, and the future investment prospects and values are also very strong!

In the long run, IPFS will grow fast! Because it is the need of social progress, the trend of The Times! But IPFS as a technology can only be applied. To participate in this project, you still need to be part of the decentralized web via the Filecoin network! You are rewarded with FIL coins by contributing your storage space, because FIL coins are the incentive layer of IPFS technology, and are tokens of IPFS technology. The use of IPFS technology in the future will not be without FIL coins!

As a leader in the global distributed storage industry, IPFS is favored by local governments. Faced with the choice of times and opportunities, some local governments and leading enterprises are willing to personally participate in this technological revolution! It is very important for many industries in China that the government supports and integrates into the IPFS distributed storage field. ianshu.jpg

Recently, the price of FIL has not been very high, but the value potential of Filecoin far exceeds that of other blockchain projects. Because it has landed application value, FIL has just started. Although it is now in a slump, it can not be blamed on it, the whole market is like this. The future value of FIL must be very high!

FIL is called the second BTC but it is a green industry, and FIL as a token of IPFS distributed storage system is more practical value. IPFS distributed storage is more than just a project or a coin. It is believed that IPFS will replace HTTP distributed storage in the future. It is more like a technological innovation in the Internet, subverting the centralized storage methods such as Ali cloud and Huawei cloud, and at the same time realizing the consensus of global landing applications. It can be said that it has made a positive contribution to the whole society!