1. Alibaba database connection pool Druid

2. Alibaba Dubbo+Zookeeper Registry

3. Alibaba MyCat sub-database sub-table

4. Pushlets

5. Shell programming in Linux operating system

6.Redis cache technology (Session unified management case)

7. Introduce the interface debugging process

8. Alipay and wechat Pay

9. Disposing of orders in payment

10. Deal with common oversold issues

11. Matching business system of Internet financial projects

12. Review full bids of Internet financial projects and release scattered bids

13. Specific application of Message queue ActiveMQ

Optimistic lock, pessimistic lock, distributed lock

15. Interface security scheme

16. Scheduled tasks in a cluster environment

17. FastDFS distributed file system

A distributed file system stores contract files



21.20 a FreeMarker/Velocity



24. Performance tuning

25. The JVM tuning

26.Java program performance optimization



29.Spring IOC

30.Spring AOP

31.Spring MVC

32. New features in Spring 5


34. Distributed architecture

35. Architecture core service layer technology

36. Key technical facilities for architecture

37. Distributed messaging is asynchronous to MQ

38. Distributed caching




42. Data storage

43. High concurrency shunt technology Nginx

44. Distributed solutions

45. Microservices architecture

46. Team development

B2C mall project actual combat

Performance tuning

The JVM tuning

Java program performance optimization



Application framework source code interpretation

Spring IOC

Spring AOP

Spring MVC

New features in Spring 5


Distributed Architecture Topics

Distributed architecture thinking

Architecture Development Basics

Architecture core service layer technology

Architecture key technical facilities

Distributed messaging is asynchronous to MQ

Distributed cache




Data is stored

High concurrency shunt technology Nginx

Distributed solutions

Microservices Architecture

Team collaborative development

B2C mall project actual combat

Spring buckets

Distributed Architecture Applications

High-performance storage

High Concurrency Technology (1)

High Concurrency (2)

Performance optimization


Electricity in actual combat

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