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Unprecedented opening! Ali internal cluster management system Sigma mix-up data

In the past 20 years since the popularization of the Internet, especially the wave of mobile Internet and Internet Plus in the past 10 years, Internet technology has penetrated into all walks of life and all aspects of people’s lives, which has brought about a substantial increase in the scale of Internet services and data. The increasing scale of services and data has led to a dramatic expansion of data centers. In large-scale data centers, traditional operation and maintenance methods can no longer meet the needs of large-scale, so cluster management systems based on automatic scheduling emerge one after another.

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  • Implement critical business requirements efficiently and inexpensively with ApsaraDB For SQL Server versions

  • Have the gold bars faded? 31 photos to show the potential of online shopping in brics countries!

  • Technical architecture and product analysis of HiTSDB timing database

  • The love-hate relationship between machine learning and statistics can end

  • Alibaba Innovation Center launched 2017 AI TOP20· Investor selection

  • How is deep learning traffic sign recognition achieved with 98% accuracy?

  • Intelligent Voice Interaction: Ali’s research and practice

  • The secret weapon of user insight: ARMS front-end monitoring function officially launched!

  • The impact of number of topics on stand-alone performance from Apache RocketMQ and Kafka

  • [Precipitation] Recording technologists in the era of e-commerce: Interview with Xuanzong, senior technical expert of Ali, my ten-year Ali Road

  • Man-machine dialogue is no longer just a scene in movies

  • Introduction to C Language Development from entry to Mastery

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Read the data transfer DTS technology architecture and best practices

At the Ali Cloud Database Technology Summit, Alibaba senior technical expert Fu Dachao (Qianzhen) shared the architecture design, basic principles and relevant application scenarios of Ali Cloud DTS, the best data transmission product in the era of cloud computing. To help you understand how ali is to achieve remote live and heterogeneous live, as well as through DTS easily achieve migration, double synchronization, disaster recovery, subscription real cases. Click to view
  • How to avoid database “blackmail incident” and “from deleting the library to run away” embarrassment

  • MaxCompute and MaxCompute data synchronization architecture

  • Nodejs advanced: server side character codec & garbled processing

  • Build LAMP environment under Ali Cloud ECS CentOs7.3 (Apache2.4 + Mysql5.7 + PHP5.6 + Laravel5.2)

  • CDN Best Practices CDN cache policy interpretation and configuration policy

  • Understanding classification and prediction in artificial intelligence – prediction, classification and regression analysis in data science

Community activities

Hangzhou, October 11, 2017 Cloud Conference grand opening, seats are limited, registration as soon as possible

From October 11 to 14, the four-day Hangzhou Cloud Conference 2017 will once again set off in Hangzhou Cloud Town. As one of the most influential science and technology exhibitions in the world, the conference will not only have brilliant speeches from Alibaba Group experts and leaders of various enterprises and industries, but also a large number of black technologies will be presented collectively. Last year’s Hangzhou Computing Conference was attended by 40,000 industry pioneers from 58 countries and regions, and over 9 million people watched the conference live online, setting a record for a technology conference. The scale of the conference will be larger and more abundant: there will be 3 main forums, 22 frontier summits, 100+ sub-forums, 400+ technology enterprise exhibition, and 3 consecutive days of music festival and cloud running at the same time. The number of participants is expected to exceed 40,000! There is no doubt that it will be a feast for the tech world. Click to view
  • [Award Survey] 2017 Award Survey on the Use of Container Technology in China

  • September 9th, Cloud TechDay # 41 — How open Source Technology can Help DevOps on cloud — The Way to Solve technical problems

  • September 13, Aliyun Ecological Day — GICC China 100 Cities Salon Beijing Station

  • On September 15, offline technology salon — Alibaba expert DevOps gameplay revealed

  • Ali Cloud Habitat community cooperation guide translation/contribution/column cooperation/business cooperation friends, please!

Exclusive video

【 Entrepreneurship on the road 】 Tsinghua students with excellent grades, with DPU to kill CPU

Yao Song, founder of Shenjian Technology, said his happiest moments are when some of the technologies, such as human recognition and algorithms, come together in a small drone. Click to view

  • [Capital Theory] Dialogue with Ginkgo Valley Chen Xiangming, where are the future industrial opportunities

  • [Smart hardware aficionados] We went to the southwest of the United States with “seven unexpected surprises from China”…

  • [Wonton Store] Interesting cloud computing video: experience flying speed with CDN

  • 【 Entrepreneurship Lecture Hall 】 Intelligent Hardware INTELLECTUAL Property Strategy (I)

  • 【 Cloud TechDay】iDST embarked on the long march of technology technology to improve productivity

Wonderful live

How open Source technology can Help DevOps in the cloud

In recent years, the popularity of the open source community has reached its peak, with many outstanding and leading projects emerging, which can be regarded as a barometer of the development of the technology industry. In the face of problems, you can first look at which peers have built “wheels”, such as: in the cloud era, how to automate basic resources? DevOps is so important and complex, are there tools available for continuous delivery? How to understand and correctly use the image service of open source Internet celebrity Docker? You’re never alone in solving technical problems. Click to view

  • On September 21st, ApsaraDB product upgrade (PolarDB) conference was held

  • On September 21, 2017, Ali Cloud Network Technology Summit Forum

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If you had a supercomputer, what would you do with it?

In the Three-Body, Liu once described that the world’s fastest computer can perform 500 teraflops per second. In fact, before the three-body book was published, the Blue Gene supercomputer of that year (2008) had been measured at 4.78 million floating-point calculations per second, peaking at 596.4 teraflops. Beyond science fiction, the pace of development in the real world is also truly astounding. China’s homegrown system has topped the world for three consecutive times, highlighting the country’s indigenous research and development capabilities in the field of supercomputers. Now it’s time to unleash your imagination and instincts! If you had a supercomputer, what would you do with it? Don’t limit your computing power, let your imagination run wild! What about supercomputing applications in our lives?

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  • Is there any reference for you in the overseas container survey report? How do you use containers?

  • Linux distribution installation software options: Compile, package, or container?

  • What do you think is the best intelligent customer service robot?

  • What programmer can write bug-free code?

BBS selection

Domain name resolution interrupted by registrar? Don’t panic! Look at the recovery guide

From September 1, the normal use of a long time. Com/.net domain suddenly can not access? Your website doesn’t work, your email doesn’t work, your other web apps don’t work? The most likely reason for this phenomenon is that your domain name is not authenticated! Click to view

BBS selection

Introduction to C++ introduction to classic (6th edition

We organize these topics into well-structured, easy-to-understand courses. In each chapter, related topics are demonstrated through projects, output, and code analysis. In addition, grammar examples are clearly marked for easy reference. Click to view

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