Inmates at SAN Quentin prison learn programming skills


Farming industry, every year there are a lot of people into the code says farmers, are generally not programmers from black badinage, domestic first batch of programmers, as early as 20 years ago, kau pak kwan, lei jun, cced, zhi-dong wang, jun-tao wang, ucdos, JianJing, Zhou Zhinong, wu xj, wangjiangmin and Li Ruxiong programmers all is China’s software industry elite, known in the industry. When I studied computer science in 1990, the conditions were quite limited. Windows 95, 98, and then XP, Vista. I heard from my old teacher at school that disk space was quite limited at that time. It’s been 17 years now, it’s been at least 20 years, and every year for 20 years people have joined the programmer industry. So where are all the old code farmers?


Still involved in technology

We know that the process of NBA professional basketball players have retired, want to is going to retire, or reduce the price and then playing for two years, either because of body reason, retire ahead of schedule, engaged in other related, for programmers, when you become a senior engineer, senior engineer or later, after the start, to become a technical manager, technical director, or the CTO, Or to the products to become a senior product manager, product director, others go to training institutions when lecturer, teaching experience, cultivating new farmers, and some people began to work for many years, inductive, began to write books, programming or life, or a good experience in the field of, and the establishment of the company, business, complete process from yards farmers to the boss, Others outsource when they want to and travel when they don’t. freelance


Working in technology is not relevant

Another began to transition to a non-technical related, such as many in zhongguancun (Beijing) and science and technology park (shenzhen), I’m not familiar with Shanghai, a meat clip buns, noodles, grill, cafe, is pretty good, and, take an examination of civil servants, back to state-owned enterprises, do easy to live, or pull a few people understand O2O, using the knowledge of the Internet, investment, Engage in Internet +, also some code farming, return to nature, return to the countryside, enjoy the joy of the farm, but also can not waste a body itself, the use of agricultural products + Internet model, the chickens, ducks, fish, etc., through the online sale, estimated and is also a kind of entrepreneurship. Full of mountain fruits, raising and flocks of chickens and ducks, the hillside is full of cattle and sheep, the fields full of melons and fruits, or very interesting. Moreover opportunity is good, follow investment big e mix, later hatch new business, be investor.

We will all become those old code farmers, it is important to understand early.

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