Win11, overnight network exposure!

Microsoft plans to unveil what it calls the next generation of Windows, likely to be called Windows 11 or Windows+, on June 24th at 23:00 PM.

Microsoft’s new English version of Windows 11 was leaked by a developer on a Chinese platform last night. This confirms that Windows 11 is indeed the official name, though not much has changed. According to Microsoft’s release schedule, it will be rolled out to users worldwide later this year.

As part of the Windows Sun Valley update, the new Windows 11 brings a different UI update, but the functionality is still classic.

But it looks pretty much the same as the Mac interface.

This time the design of the oval shape of the document frame looks very comfortable, let you look more concise and beautiful!

In recent months, Microsoft has reportedly been working on a new app store for Windows that will have big changes. Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive, promises to “unlock greater economic opportunity for developers and creators” with Windows, which is likely to come in the form of a new store. Microsoft is reportedly overhauling its Windows App Store to allow developers to submit any Windows app, including browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. Microsoft may also be considering allowing third-party commerce platforms in apps, allowing developers to bypass the cut Microsoft typically gets from in-app purchase systems.

So much for today, specific or Win11 out after their own experience!

If Windows11 released you will change the Win10 system to Win11?

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