Recently some learning [serious] need to download the video data, probably more than 300 G, but bloggers poor ah, didn’t open, member of the download speed is only 100 k/S, although some tutorial can accelerate download on the net, but I’m afraid titles IP ah, still honestly under slowly, but I’m not in a hurry to use, also have computers at home, Let it open and close files every day.

Automatically switch the machine to download Baidu cloud files

Basic idea: Use the task plan of Windows to realize the automatic switch of the computer, and then set Baidu Cloud bootstart or start with a script.

1. Right-click [Computer] – > Management – > to create basic tasks in the following order:

2. Basic information of writing tasks:

3. Set the task frequency. What I need is to open it at 6:30 am every day:

4. Select the operation. This is the key step: according to the Baidu Cloud installation program to find the start of Baidu Cloud to choose the startup program: (if you just want to boot, just choose a browser such as the executable *.exe), and then the next step, click to complete.

Search Baidu Cloud startup EXE file address method:

Baidu cloud shortcut right – properties – copy the path in the target

Or set the boot to automatically start Baidu Cloud:

** Baidu Cloud PC – Settings – Check the box to start Baidu Network Drive **

Or use a startup script:

start C:\Users\hao\AppData\Roaming\baidu\BaiduNetdisk\BaiduNetdisk.exe

5. Double-click the task and select “Run it whether the user is logged in or not” :

Then click on the selection condition: power option and select “unselect this task only when the computer is using alternating current” and select “wake up computer” to run this task

6. Repeat the above steps to create a new task again to achieve automatic shutdown.

Set the program parameters in step 4. “Shutdown” is set to shutdown. In the “Programs and Scripts” column, you can simply write “shutdown”, and in the “Add Parameters” box, you can set “-s-t10”.

The solution to the task error

Solution: “User account restrictions. Possible reasons include not allowing empty passwords, logon time limits, or enforced policy restrictions. Some friends may set the task plan when the following error:

This is because the computer does not have a boot password, and Windows’ default policy is that an account with a blank password is only allowed to log in from the console, that is, from the local login. So to allow empty password sharing, we need to change the default policy.

1. Press Win +R to bring up the running box. Enter gpedit.msc in the run box and press Enter;

2. In the pop-up window, expand the left directory tree to Security Options, as shown in the figure. (Computer Configuration -Windows Settings – Security Settings – Local Policies – Security Options);

3. In the policy section on the right, find “Account: Local account with blank password is only allowed to log in to the console”. This policy is enabled by default;

4. Double-click to open “Account: Only console login is allowed for local account with blank password”, change it to “Disabled”, and confirm, and it will take effect.

Other ideas

After writing the automatic download task, I calculated the cost of the download.

Time cost: 300(G)* 1024(MB)* 1024(KB) / 120(K/S)/3600(1h) / 12(1day) = 60 days

Power cost (ignoring network fee for home network) : 200W * 12H * 0.52 * 60day = 74.88 yuan.

Now baidu cloud super member 25 a month (member 10 yuan a month), suppose I open a month, my family 200M network speed with wireless network card download the maximum network speed of 10M/S baidu cloud, assuming the average 5M/S:

Time cost: 300(G) * 1024(MB) / 5(M/S) / 3600(1h) =16 hours

Power cost (ignoring network fee for home network) : 200W * 16H * 0.52 = 1.66 yuan.

In this way, the total cost is the cheapest. You can open a day of 100 degrees cloud members as long as less than 5 yuan, then I can finish downloading 6 yuan, ha ha [a day of members are to see Baidu cloud ads, I have not opened, it is said that there will be a 99.99% of the download on the stuck surprise oh].

Different people have different opinions.

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