1. Computer system Windows10 Professional Edition

2. When looking for information, we always need to use different search engines. In addition to the default search engine set by us, we always need to manually input the address bar when switching, which is very troublesome. I’m going to share some of my solutions that I hope will help you.

3. In fact, browsers, including Chrome\Edge, support a trick that allows you to quickly switch search engines. Here I’ll take Chrome as an example, starting with the Manage Search Engine option in the Settings section.

3-1. Then find the keywords of each search engine and modify the selected keywords.

Once saved, you can quickly switch between search engines by typing [keywords +Tab] in the address bar.

Note: Keywords are case sensitive. A single space in the address bar will automatically lead to the default search engine. Some browsers can try [keywords + Spaces] if you can’t switch to [keywords + tabs].

4. This period of sharing is over here, I hope to help you, let us work together to the peak.