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A little program that tests the age of the left and right brain. Is that real?

So also tested a copycat, simple to introduce this is what game, the left and right brain test by scanning the qr code answer set in the pictures of the 10 multiple choice, topic types are mainly the following several, then after finish will generate a showing the picture of the test results about two brain age, picture below is equipped with relevant text explanation. Shortly after the game became popular, the tech gods revealed it on Weibo...

Artificial intelligence: Industrial fund model favored by local governments

Recently, the 21st Century Business Herald reporter learned that the Spis artificial intelligence Industry fund, led by Spis, was formally established in May this year. The fund, with a size of 200 million yuan, focuses on early projects in the field of artificial intelligence, including Yuanhe Chenkun Mother Fund, Suzhou Industrial Park Guide Fund, Hong Kong family wealth fund, Spitz, as well as capital in the Internet of Things industry chain. Intelligence search (Gii...

Using genetic algorithm for intelligent scheduling, I believe that teachers will like it very much

Abstract: Genetic Algorithm (GA) is an AI model that simulates biological evolution based on the process of natural selection. It can search for the optimal solution in the process of simulated biological evolution generation by generation. This paper uses genetic algorithm to achieve a simple program to the course

[ML-1] What is machine learning?

This paper is for AI Xiaobai. The author thinks that learning can be shown in three aspects: one is to speak out in public. Two, it can be written down; Third, it can be done. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to speak in public, so write it down in your own words. How to express succinctly and correctly in your own language is a process of constant practice. Hope can insist. There is currently no widely accepted definition to describe machine science...

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