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UMEpi algorithm

Most of the basic definitions can refer to the UP-span algorithm, and the following are some supplementary and key definitions. The Maximum time duration is similar to the sliding window in the early plot mining algorithm. It is a time constraint (MTD) that needs to be specified by the user, so as to avoid the increase of calculation amount and decrease of correlation between events due to the long time span.

UBER - Mine is presented

Write in front: The algorithm is improved Based on the Up-growth algorithm, and a new episod-utility model IV-Uber (InVestment by Utility-based Episode Rules Model) is proposed to predict stocks. This model can get better results than UP-Span and TSpan algorithms. Us...

[Recommendation system] Tag-based recommendation algorithm

The user behavior of tagging, as a form of expression of user-generated content at present, is also regarded as a feature of the current recommendation scenario. At the same time, tagging is also an abstract form of user portrait, which has a very wide range of uses. For the tag system, there will be a recommendation algorithm based on it. This article will end with a discussion of tag-based recommendation algorithms: SimpleTagBased, Normal...

[go] IJCAI 168 2021 | system research literature, field generalization first review

Editor's note: In recent years, domain generalization in transfer learning has attracted more and more attention and has been widely used in many fields. In IJCAI 2021, Wang Jindong, a researcher from Microsoft Research Asia, published the first review paper in this field, and summarized the development of the field generalization direction

Use Dice Loss for clear boundary detection

In deep learning and computer vision, efforts are being made to extract features and output meaningful representations for various visual tasks. In some tasks, we only focus on the geometry of the object, regardless of color, texture, lighting, etc. This is where boundary detection comes in. Point a attention, every day more

Get started with AutoML, Google's automatic programming framework

This article was developed in collaboration with Kabuto_hui, a member of the ISN State Key Laboratory. For more technical articles please visit, Kabuto_hui CSDN blog () link: Google under the strategy of AI First, launches the AI...

June 9, 2021, CVTE NLP algorithm job interview questions 9

Idf in TF-IDF is a kind of weighting that tries to suppress noise. It simply thinks that words with low text frequency are more important, and words with higher text frequency are more useless. This method has huge disadvantages in similar corpora, such as some keywords of similar text

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