According to the complaint, the Didi Chuxing App has been found to be guilty of serious violations in the collection and use of personal information. State Internet information office in accordance with the law of the People’s Republic of China on the network security law regulations, notify the App store shelves “drops travel App,” demand drops travel technology co., LTD., in strict accordance with the legal requirements, with reference to the relevant state standards, serious problems of rectification, to guarantee the users personal information security.

This is to inform you.

Cyberspace Administration of China

July 4, 2021

Chinese people’s data security should be paid attention to, we live in a data era, we create data all the time, participate in the data, but our data is being monitored by a centralized network, at present we are almost naked on the Internet. Because the lack of legally protected data leaves us exposed to the Internet, to be precise, in the databases of large and small companies on the Internet, where it is freely used and even traded.

We are entering an era of data, where data dominates the way production is done. Every day, data is growing at the rate of hundreds of millions, and the growth is not going to stop.

At present, China is in the transition from the material world to the digital world, and the digitization process of human beings is less than 10%. With the development of 5G, 6G, Internet of Things and other digital technologies, there will be more people and things connected to the Internet in the future, and everything will be digital. Countless data streams are pouring in, and the Internet companies that currently focus on centralized data storage are not well prepared to meet the arrival of this data age.

There are several major issues and challenges facing centralized data storage:

1. Where should data go in the face of the explosive growth of data?

2. How to ensure the security of data?

3. How to protect the privacy of data?

4. If data is an asset, how should the asset be circulated under the circumstance of ensuring privacy?

These problems in a few years ago, centralized data storage service is expected to find a variety of reasons to gloss over you, as the data security law of the People’s Republic of China, now these issues are placed on the table, the problem of data began, centralized data storage business has been unable to avoid these problems, while seeking breakthrough, The people are constantly awakening to data privacy and data ownership. These problems must be solved before entering the data era, or it will be a disaster!

Fortunately, some teams have proposed complete solutions to these problems based on blockchain network technology and distributed storage, and the IPFS&Filecoin project is the most mature and well-known one.

IPFS&Filecoin provides its own answers to the questions raised above:

1. Mobilize global storage space for distributed storage of ever-increasing data through blockchain incentive mechanism.

2. Due to the distributed storage of data and multi-node backup, the security of data is extremely high, and the data can be permanently stored, which solves the problem of data security.

3. As Filecoin uses P2P for data transmission, a file is divided and packaged into N small hash blocks. Users have the only private key for data privacy, and they need to obtain the authorization of the private key to use data, which completely solves the data privacy problem.

4. Data is transmitted in the Filecoin network, and the security of data is guaranteed. Transactions and circulation in the Filecoin network are guaranteed by the Filecoin network.

When the market for efficient data storage and data retrieval truly opens up, IPFS/Filecoin will enter a new era of formal commercial use. It provides a clearer and more comprehensive solution to the traditional data problems left over from the Internet, such as “Didi App User Data Privacy”.

Xinhuanet published an article: (IPFS) Distributed Storage Opens a Billions-level Market and Drives Digital Transformation of the Industry. “Distributed Storage Protocol is emerging gradually. As a supplement to HTTP, Distributed Storage Protocol connects all computing devices that have the same file system. With an interstellar file system (IPFS), users are looking for content stored somewhere, scattered across different server nodes, not at a specific address, but by confirming hashes of content that make Web pages faster, more secure, and more stable.

Blockchain distributed storage technology is the trend, follow me, comment article, participate in the discussion of new infrastructure!