It has been more than nine months since the IPFS distributed storage was launched on the main network, and the effective computing power of the whole network has reached 7.2054EIB. With the gradual decrease of mining efficiency, many people have already felt that the dividend period of distributed storage is no longer. Next, I will take you to understand the real dividend period of distributed storage!

As a landmark project of distributed storage, IPFS& Filecoin has finally been put into practice after six years. With the launch of the Distributed Storage Joint Laboratory in Dongguan, the IPFS Distributed Storage Technology Application Association was established in Changsha, and the Sichuan Distributed Storage Summit will be held on July 15th. Fudan University in Shanghai established IPFS distributed research group, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Information Security jointly issued a document to accelerate the new infrastructure development of distributed storage, the country is also vigorously developing, with the first distributed storage platform “Star Chi Cloud” online, distributed storage gradually from block storage to retrieval data storage.

Block storage, retrieval of data storage, from invalid data to the data effectively, FIL will be faced with a level of billions of market, IPFS data now is some invalid data, most of the storage service providers to participate in the main storage of data is mostly useless data, real data storage is a piece of white, And the real dividend of FIL is coming. The trillion-level market is just that white. The storage of real data can not only eat the dividend of IPFS block, but also reach the dividend of trillion-level in the future, which can be described as eating from beginning to end.

The real landing means that we develop to a higher direction, gradually landing ecological construction, IPFS instead of HTTP goal is gradually arrived, distributed storage landing practical also marked IPFS greater dividends are coming, the real dividend is coming!

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