Exchange surely everyone not unfamiliar, chain block and the rapid development of digital currency market, led to provide liquidity for its digital currency exchange shengxing exchange. This paper released by qkljys123 finishing. 】 【 profit model is relatively clear – similar to the “pumping” business model is proved to be one of the best business model in the world. As long as someone trades on an exchange, there are fees, which are the most stable source of revenue for an exchange. All digital currency assets will eventually be traded on secondary markets, and exchanges are where the blockchain industry’s warring players have been. Since the emergence of cryptocurrencies, exchanges have become a crucial product in the industry. In 2018, there was an explosive increase in the number of products. After experiencing the bull and bear, the product business of the exchange is also experiencing the experience that should be in the growth cycle of some products. Today, we will take the exchange as a product and talk about the product logic and product thinking of the exchange. Block chain exchange software development – exchange – exchange exchange exchange is the carrier of the secondary market transactions, the nature of encryption, currency trading between individual to individual, play money make money hand way is inconvenient, for the convenience of the currency held the trade of the world, exchange made can buy COINS in the platform, And each purchase is actually a person-to-person transaction, but in the same platform, the realization of trading is more convenient. Therefore, the goal of the exchange is to achieve convenient C2C transactions between currency holders. What we see now is that the exchange is convenient for exchange between currencies, while the exchange sees the order of sell and buy, which is for the purpose of matching transactions. The trading pair of each currency is just like a commodity. The project party’s currency is issued on the exchange, which first sells a certain amount of coins issued by the project party on the exchange to the users, and then the users can freely trade with each other. So the question is, as an exchange, the goal is ultimately to move towards profitability, in order to achieve the maximum profitability, how to operate. We only target the exchange based on the trading needs of users, and the trading commission charged by the platform is the income brought by providing these needs for users, which is also the main source of profit. In the case of fixed transaction commission charge ratio, the exchange should promote the user to trade to the maximum extent, which is the most basic operation to charge commission. There are two ways to achieve more transactions: 1. 2. The number of currencies is large. If the currency as a commodity, that is, commodity customers high unit price and commodity quantity of the two main ways. The currency with good trading volume is necessarily the project token with good capital strength or development potential in the market, which requires that the exchange can find a good currency and exchange it online, and then continuously increase the number of currencies. Here we need to know about exchange coinage. As mentioned above, exchange coinage or project issuers sell tokens on the platform by placing orders and then conduct free trading, or currencies such as Bitcoin are directly purchased through OTC or US dollar trading and then traded freely. The source of these transactions is the need for a holder to register an order on the platform, which is the first step in buying and selling. So for a lot of new projects, or projects that haven’t been raised yet, not all exchanges can get the tokens and start trading. From this we can see that if exchanges want more revenue, they still need to create trading volumes. What about the user, is there a need for peer to peer? The demand of cryptocurrency investors Since investors make investments, they must have income and profit. Therefore, there are several important conditions for investors to choose a transaction: 1. currency with investable value; 2. Lower handling fee; 3. Convenient exit from multiple transactions; 4. Better experience. First, encryption monetary market change quickly, a corresponding currencies have investment value, needs professional judgment, and the corresponding judgement, from the fundamentals and index data, fundamental containing project developments, project evaluation, etc., as a result, we see the project in all kinds of behavior, at the same time is a kind of positive significance for project tokens. During the bull market, there have been a large number of cases in which unprofessional investors have lost money by relying on fundamentals, which shows the importance of comprehensive judgment in the investment process. [This article was compiled and published by qkljys123.]