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The low-delay live streaming RTS capability of Ali Cloud has been upgraded to make the live-streaming effect better

Introduction: For the push stream delay and lag caused by the long time of THE TCP link existing in the anchor push stream using RTMP, the congestion control is completely dependent on the TCP transport layer, and the real-time bandwidth data cannot be provided to dynamically adjust the video coding bit rate. On the basis of the downstream UDP transformation, Aliyun real-time Streaming (RTS) products optimize the upstream UDP underlying WebRTC technology, and promote the whole industry through the release of mobile terminal, PC terminal RTS Streaming SDK plug-in...

Python series of crawlers to produce a simple translation software

Preface yesterday wrote two: Python baidu translation crawler Python youdao translation crawler with a Google translation, and then integrate them into a Demo, made a simple translation software. Let's get started. Python version of the development tool is 3.6.4. Pyqt5 module; Js2py module; And some of the modules that come with Python. Environment Setup Installs Python and adds it to the environment variable, Pip Setup...

Wait a moment, my mobile phone to help you remotely debug the code!

At present, there are various kinds of telecommuting software on the market, but TeamViewer may be the earliest telecommuting software that accompanies us. At the beginning of my internship, I wanted to view the backup data, codes and other encrypted files of the company's computer (the company uniformly configures the computer and encrypts it). TeamViewer has really been with me for a long time. Later, I used TeamViewer mainly to solve online problems, because the whitelist set by Aliyun's online server was only the company's.

Python game development, PyGame module, Python to achieve puzzle games

In this issue we will make a jigsaw puzzle game. Python version: 3.6.4. Module: PyGame Module. As well as some Python built-in module environment to build Python and add to the environment variable, PIP installation required related modules can be. Introduce the principle of the game: the image...

| ModelArts Pro is a professional development suite for enterprise-level AI applications

Abstract: ModelArts Pro creates a professional development suite for enterprise-level AI applications. Based on advanced algorithms and rapid training capabilities of Huawei Cloud, it provides preset workflows and models to improve the development efficiency and reduce the development difficulty of enterprise AI applications. The high barrier to entry and the difficulty in landing AI technology are the biggest challenges facing Chinese users. How to reduce the technical threshold of AI application, how to provide a simple, convenient and efficient landing solution, has become the industry AI application road needs to be solved...

Low -code platform Java code automatic one - click generation tool

Low-CodeLow-Code is a low-code platform built for Java. Open source address: [link] feature support basic add, delete, change, look up support enumeration value processing support Excel export code one-click generation of production code one-click clean technology selection SpringBoot container MyBatis -plus+ Druid + MySQL database Vue + Elemental-UI page fast start requires JDK Maven 3. X + Maven 3. X + Maven 5. Maven 3. X + Maven 5.

Python utility tools, fuzzywuzzy module, Python to achieve Lu Xun quotes query system

There are media reports that Beijing Lu Xun Museum official website information query online retrieval system can achieve "Lu Xun said, you can query" function. The day after the report came out, the system crashed. I was wondering if I could also do a simple query system to play. Let's get started happily

Code scanning | the code quality control tool

Opening with a laugh, this is a "primer" for people who rarely use/know code scanning tools. On the one hand, because code scanning has certain technical barriers, involving lexical/grammar analysis, compilation injection, pattern recognition and security and other related fields, it may be difficult to understand the content of this aspect. On the other hand, due to the current public for the code scanning products and its field there are still many misunderstandings, greatly affected the use of the code scanning experience...

New content, new interaction and new growth: Video cloud provides efficient power for short video and e-commerce live streaming industry

At the 2021 Alibaba Cloud Summit held on June 8, Alibaba Cloud released more than 20 products, solutions and upgrades, including live streaming solutions, and launched a new one-stop e-commerce live streaming solution. Help businesses of all sizes around the world to launch highly interactive live broadcasting channels, and further help enterprises in their digital journey.

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