The overseas market performance is bright, the challenge is heavy head on

After years of precipitation, the domestic game market has gradually stepped into a gentle stage of development. In order to seek a new space for development, many game manufacturers have begun to lock their eyes on overseas markets by virtue of their competitiveness polished at home, and have laid out a new track for their games to go to sea. In the past two years, Tencent, as the leading game manufacturer in China, has not only consolidated its leading position in China, but also developed rapidly in overseas business and made outstanding achievements in overseas markets that cannot be ignored.

In order to cope with the complex and changing overseas market and support the Global development of game business, IEG has set up a special international department, IEG Global, to uniformly manage the game going abroad and solve the problems encountered in the process of internationalization. Due to the fact that IEG Global supports studios all over the world, there are some automation and standardization problems in the development, integration and deployment of games. In addition, differences in languages, cultures and habits also bring multiple challenges for Tencent games to go abroad.

Coding DevOps helps Tencent games to compete in overseas markets

In such a context, IEG Global is in urgent need of a set of DevOps platform, which fits open source ecology and has international cognition, to provide efficient support for the development process docking and operation process of Tencent game studios at home and abroad, so as to realize the friendly collaboration and cultural integration of various teams and accelerate the delivery process of the whole business.

Tencent Cloud Coding is a one-stop DevOps development and collaboration platform of Tencent Cloud, covering multiple products and services such as code hosting, project management, test management, continuous integration, product library, etc. It meets the key needs of software development from concept to delivery, realizes the efficient collaboration of R&D team in the cloud, and practices agile development and DevOps. Improve the quality and speed of software delivery across the board.

  • Coding provides IEG Global with a complete set of international DevOps platform, with code management, continuous integration, product management and other capabilities. Through the unified management of the international team, the code quality problems caused by regional differences and ability differences can be effectively solved, the communication cost in the process of software development can be reduced, and the R&D efficiency can be improved.
  • Due to the particularity of game business, CODING provides IEG Global with the Global synchronization capability of its products. This capability enables cross-region delivery of products, improving the efficiency and quality of deployment. The games developed by major studios around the world can be deployed to all regions of the world at a high speed and efficiently, fully meeting the international needs of the game business.
  • In addition, the DevOps platform for IEG Global focuses on the Global scenario, and the platform language can be switched between Chinese and English to meet the needs of developers in different countries.

Through the in-depth cooperation with IEG Global, Coding will provide developers with more powerful independent development ability, make full use of cloud resources, connect to the world ecology with an open and inclusive attitude, build a Global brand image, comprehensively promote the internationalization process of IEG Global, and help Tencent games to conquer overseas.