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Flink on TiDB -- Convenient and reliable real-time data business support

This article is shared by Teacher Lin Jia, who is in charge of real-time business of netease Interactive Entertainment Billing Data Center. It mainly introduces why netease Data Center chooses Flink and TiDB when dealing with real-time business, and the combined application of the two. Today, mainly from the perspective of development to talk with you about why netease number

This section describes the principle of Async Commit

TiDB provides native distributed transaction support and low latency distributed transaction is a continuous optimization direction. The Async Commit feature introduced in TiDB 5.0, which is mainly introduced by Sticn Chen, has greatly improved the delay of transaction commits

Data warehouse service fault tolerance tool: physical fine-grained backup and recovery technology

Abstract: With the development of information technology, human beings have entered the era of big data, the amount of data shows explosive growth, the financial field of data bearing core business, even if suffering from a variety of hardware and software errors or disasters, also need to have the ability to recover and quickly restore the business, so the backup and recovery ability has become one of the most critical capabilities of warehouse

Common distributed transaction solutions

A transaction consists of a set of operations that we want to execute correctly, and if any step in this set of operations fails, we need to roll back previously completed operations. That is, all operations in the same transaction either all execute correctly or none at all. When it comes to transactions, there are four notable features of transactions. Atomicity requires that a transaction be an indivisible execution...

Six characteristics of a good architect

Being an architect is a challenging profession that requires attention to many dimensions and techniques. An architect who focuses on a single domain is not a good architect. Pat Kua (formerly a consultant at ThoughtWorks), a seasoned technologist, points out that a good architect needs to be a well-rounded architect, and discusses what it takes to be a well-rounded architect...

Spring Data JPA operates MySQL 8

Java Persistence API (JPA) is the standard specification of Java Persistence, Hibernate is the technical implementation of Persistence specification, and Spring Data JPA is a framework encapsulated on the basis of Hibernate. Create: Every time Hibernate is loaded...

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