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"Separate inventory and separate table"? Selection and process should be careful, otherwise it will be out of control

Congratulations, your company has finally grown to a size where you need to consider high availability and even separate repositories and tables. But do you know what elements are needed to separate inventory and table? The spin-off process is complicated, plan ahead, don't wait for the actual start of all kinds of unexpected work, out of control. Below, scoping is done in JAVA and MySQL. Let's take a look at the level of sub - database sub - table. Create more... in the same project

MySQL performance optimization (3) : Understand indexing in depth

Indexes are critical for good database performance. Whenever database performance tuning is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is "index" to see if an index is added to the table. Especially when the amount of data in a table is increasing, the impact of indexes on performance is particularly significant. There is no index or when the data volume is small and the load is low

Explain database transactions and isolation levels in detail

A transaction is a sequence of operations that are performed as a single logical unit of work and either all execute successfully or fail. Database things have four characteristics: atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability, also known as ACID properties. Transaction processing ensures that data-oriented resources are not permanently updated unless all operations within the transaction unit complete successfully. Transactions are part of a database operation.

MySql(3) MySql lock mechanism

Optimistic locking: Every time the data is read, it is not locked because it is not modified by others. Instead, it is updated to determine whether other people have updated the data during this period, using the version number mechanism. This can be done in the database by adding a version number field to the data table. The version number is read together when the data is read, and the version number is incremented by one each time the data is updated. When we update, determine the database table corresponding to the record...

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