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MONGODB database migration change solution

In the process of version iteration, there is the probability of database changes, such as adding a certain table field, deleting a certain field, etc. Lack of a change history, or time spent finding database change records and executing scripts when upgrading multiple release environments; The plan

Project actual combat - Background Management System (I)

Users are divided into students, teachers and classes. Administrators can add, delete, change and check these users after landing. Click Database in the upper right corner of PyCharm and drag db.sqlite3 under the project to see it. Start the project, add an administrator user to the database yourself, and log in to test.

SQL Server summary

1. Wildcards can also appear in the middle of a search pattern, although this is less useful. Many DBMSS, including Access, fill the contents of fields with Spaces. For example, as in character), you need to append 33 Spaces to the text to fill the column. Doing so generally has no effect on the data or its use, but can have a negative impact on the SQL statement described above. Clause prod_nam...

Finish what you started, and design a reasonably structured download module

Before you start coding, identify functional requirements, technical requirements, and then do some preliminary thinking. Starting from a goal can help define the focus of the design process. For the download scenario, it is intuitive to imagine that the steps involved in file manipulation, persistent storage, and so on are frequent in a project. So I would expect a lot of code written for the download module to be well reusable. Also predictably, downloading this...

Tell you how high the rent is in Shenzhen in Python

Excluding the [unlimited] data (because it may overlap with the latter), the total data amount is 16,971, among which the latter part of the data amount is less, because the housing resources in this area is really insufficient. Therefore, this survey is not very accurate, just as a piece of entertainment, for everyone to enjoy. Let's look at the statistical results first and then at the technical analysis. Futian and Nanshan house distribution is the largest. But the rent on these two lots is...

Database transaction and isolation levels

In the use of databases, we often think of a set of operations as an independent unit, which constitutes a single logical unit of work called a transaction. A database system needs to maintain the following four characteristics of transactions, which are collectively called ACID, corresponding to Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and...

JDBC technology and XML-JDBC

Java Data Base Connectivity (JDBC) is the standard specification for Java to access databases. Is a Java API for executing SQL statements that provides a framework for a variety of relational databases

MySql daily guide, and large table optimization ideas

Unless the single table data will continue to grow in the future, do not consider splitting at first. Splitting will introduce various complexity of logic, deployment, operation and maintenance. Generally, tables with integer values under ten million, and strings under five million are not a big problem. In fact, in many cases, the performance of MySQL single table still has a lot of optimization space, and even can normally support more than ten million levels of data volume. Ba...

TIDB, what is the database for the future?

Background TiDB is a technical term many students have more or less heard of, but many students think it is a distributed database, their business is to use mysql, basic use of this technology, may not know it. Recently, there is a business demand to use TIDB, so I learned

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