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Android6.0 permission application package

On Android6.0 and above, the Permissions mechanism is changed to Runtime Permissions, which can cause crashes if the user does not grant Permissions. So we need to manually apply for some permissions in our code when we need them at runtime. Because and permission requests need to be performed in an Activity or Fragment, if...

The Apache Pulsar message storage model

This is the second article in the Apache Pulsar series that explains Pulsar's message retention and expiration policies in detail. This article takes a look at how Pulsar is designed and stored in BookKeeper. As shown in the figure above, Pulsar provides the most basic pub-Sub processing model. First of all, Pr...

Faced with the inevitable glitches, we built a God-view console

With the development of cloud protozoa, chaos engineering has gradually entered the field of vision of everyone. Through chaos engineering, high availability problems in the process of cloud protozoa can be well discovered and solved. In 2019, Alibaba opened source the underlying chaos engineering tool -- ChaosBlade. At the beginning of this year, it opened source again chaosBlade -- Box.

Do you really feel comfortable answering the phone?

We didn't take the method of sharing public account tweets this time, I want to directly see the effect. Do not finish the open source, write not finish hypothetic, nan Chen has been with you. This is the third in our interview series. In this installment, we'll take a look at an important part of Android's four components: Services. Before in the "Lanliu learning" article to see such a scene, very interesting, first to everyone...

In? GitHub AirTag v.21.21

When bitcoin fell to doubt life, looking at the "bleeding" of the purse, it is time to "pull" a wave of wool. Openhaystack lets you skip the AirTag ($200 +) but enjoy the same tracking experience. IPTV is for you

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