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Self-driving Bikes -- GitHub Hotspot v.21.24

What are the words to summarize this week's GitHub buzz? Probably 'artificial intelligence is a real god'! It allows EssayKiller V2 to write standardized gaokao compositions neatly and in pairs. It also makes the Bike worthy of its name -- automatic riding.

Accidentally, it became the most popular open source project under GitHub Alibaba Group

With the popularity of microservices, applications are becoming more lightweight and efficient, but the dilemma is that online troubleshooting becomes more and more complicated. Traditional Java troubleshooting, you need to restart the application for debugging, but after the restart of the application will be lost, the problem is difficult to recurrence. So since September 2018, Alibaba has opened source Arthas, a tried-and-true diagnostic app that developers love. ...

Open source panoramic plug-in Photo Sphere Viewer

In daily life, we are more common is the block panorama, Baidu through the street View car collection of street view data, and finally form a panoramic application, Baidu panorama also has certain interactive functions, can move the street view with the street, as an individual developer, there are some open source libraries to meet our application and exploration of panorama.

Custom Gradle plugin, how to hook system task and bytecode

At that time, this question really puzzled me for some time. I can't write methods/classes as non-public in order not to expose them. How do I call my own library? Do you write reflection yourself? That's stupid. Here comes Seeker(Github Portal), the subject of this article. Before solving the problem, I suggest you search for more...

Vant 3.0: Full embrace of Vue 3

After eight months of development, Vant 3.0 is finally here. In this iteration, the bulk of our work was to rebuild the entire codehouse and surrounding ecology based on Vue 3 and release Vant 3.0, Vant Cli 3.0, and Vant Use 1.0. Vue 3 brings many exciting new features, such as Compo...

The lake sword making weekly # 5 | 2021-08-24

1. Recommendation 1.1 Image-to-latex drag formula images, one-click conversion of latex formulas, open source formula recognition magic. What is your biggest headache when writing a paper or doing research? Surely the formula editor would be on the list. So there is no convenient way to make up the formula

? forced progress takes you to create nearly 1000 stars on Github and top Trending list with invincible special effects

This is the last article in the custom View series. The last article was on custom Views, and this article is on custom viewGroups. I'll admit I bragged. The headline was nearly a thousand stars (though it was only 700) and it became Trending (# 3 Kotlin at the time). But I still have an aspirant heart, boast is not guilty! Everybody put down your hands...

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