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Top 5 RecyclerView open Source projects you must know - solve the problems of pull-up loading, pull-down refresh and adding headers and footers

Some time ago, MD design was adopted in the project, so RecyclerView must be used to completely replace ListView. But the development encountered the need to realize RecyclerView pull up loading, pull down refresh and add Header and Footer and other requirements.

Pouch Is officially open source for Alibaba's own container technology

After the restart and maintenance of Dubbo, The dynamics of Ali technology in open source continue. At the China Open Source Annual Meeting, Alibaba formally opened its own Pouch container technology. At the China Open Source Annual Conference, Alibaba officially opened the Pouch container technology based on the Apache 2.0 protocol. Pouch is a lightweight container technology that is fast, efficient, portable, and powerful.

Site tools | alibaba launched static build tools Docsite open source site

Recently, Alibaba launched the static open source site building tool Docsite on Github, which is a set of official website, documents, blogs and communities as one of the static open source site solution, with a simple and easy to use, do not give up the characteristics of getting started. React and static rendering, PC and mobile, Support For Chinese and English internationalization, SEO, Markdown documents, global site search, site...

My chart bed solution, super detailed!

I used to use Gitee's repository for my chart bed, and I use Gitee for my blog, weekly magazine, and some open source ebooks. Recently, Gitee's traffic review mechanism locked my account, and all of my historical images became inaccessible, somewhat reluctantly, but

Steward - a Chrome - like Alfred/Wox launcher for keyboard - driven productivity

When it comes to booters, the most famous are Alfred on the Mac and Wox on Windows. What is an initiator? It consists of a command input box and a drop - down list of query results. The ability to tell a computer to perform a series of operations with a single command, like your housekeeper, is naturally a magic tool in many people's minds. Like if I type Chrome...

AppleParty (apple pie)

AppleParty is an automated macOS tool developed by 37 mobile games iOS team to achieve rapid operation of App Store Connect background. This article introduces the background of the tool, tutorials and code implementation

Ali low code engine | LowCodeEngine - how to configure and call request

Preamble sending requests is a very important and common part of the front end, and ali's low code engine is certainly not missing this part. In Ali low code engine, the request is configured in the data source, the location of the data source is shown as follows: Configuration configuration interface is shown as follows: Where the data source ID recommends the small camel name

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