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SREs and DevOps top 10 Open Source projects

Building scalable and highly available software systems is the ultimate goal of every SRE. You can follow the path of continuous learning with the help of our latest blog, which Outlines the most sought-after open source projects in monitoring, deployment, and maintenance. The way to be a successful SRE is to keep learning. SRE/DevOps has a number of great open source projects, each new and exciting...

Front-end practice: Pixel-level synchronization, low-latency, ultra-low flow screen sharing tool Syncit

In the spring of the RTC 2020 Programming Challenge held by Sonnet, the pixel-level, low-flow screen sharing tool "Syncit" won the first place in the second track. Yanzhen Yu is also the author of rrWeb, an open source project with 6500+Star. In the previous CSDN interview with the winners, we learned that Yu Yanzhen, who is engaged in front-end development, is usually...

AWRichText: An object-oriented typesetting tool based on CoreText

Many apps have chat function, text and text mix is also a common requirement. The iOS native class NSAttributedString supports text and text blending. Many applications use it to implement their own functions. It's hard to use, it has so many attributes, and it uses dictionary construction, so you have to look up the documentation every time you use it. Not to mention using AWRichText on a large scale is something that allows you to...

Open source collaborative office project, mobile office can also support mobile phone!

1. Mobile phone Office anytime and anywhere After using OA software, mobile phone is an online mobile application library. In addition to the basic functions of OA system such as mobile punch in, schedule arrangement and online communication, mobile phone also has functions such as task assignment, contract signing, online meeting, work management, forum, email and so on

DevSecOps: An open source story

Recent supply chain breaches, coupled with President Biden's new cybersecurity executive order, have brought renewed attention to the value of DevSecOps to businesses. DevSecOps brings cultural change, frameworks, and tools to open source software (OSS). To understand DevSecOps, you have to

Join the open source team wangEditor for the task record and sense of participation

I think the user set this in the default text area div class="wrap", is it going to be brought into the editor, or is it going to be wrong to say brought in or not brought in, is it going to be brought in a part, the unlabeled content is not going to be brought into the actual editing area, because in our source code, we only get children, What? You don't know why Childre...

AndroidStudio plugin GsonFormat analysis and secondary development

We know that Android Studio is an IDE environment based on Intellij. Intellij itself provides a plug-in development environment for developers, greatly improving development efficiency and IDE configuration. There are many mature plug-ins for Studio. The low technical content and high repeatability of studio work are replaced by plug-in forms. For the development of...

?? an open source project based on Vue3, star finally broke thousands in 3 months! ? ?

This article is mainly about thinking about how to do open source projects. The development background and detailed introduction of newbee-mall-vue3-app, an open source project, have been introduced before and can be viewed in the above two articles. It's really a coincidence. I was a little surprised when I saw this statistical chart. This article was written in the early hours of February 28, 2021.

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