Chimee (read “Chimi”, tʃ ə n ɪ mɪ:]) is an open source H5 video player solution of Qiutuan, which is built by qiutuan video cloud front end team combined with precipitation and accumulation in the direction of business and video coding and decoding.

Chimee supports MP4, M3U8, FLV and other media formats. It also helps us solve most compatibility and differentiation issues, including full screen, auto play, inline play, live decoding and other common media playback requirements.

Through convenient hot-swappable plug-in development, it can meet the business side’s requirements of rapid iteration and grayscale release. So that developers can more easily and quickly complete the development of UI, advertising and other functional requirements under different business scenarios.

(Go to Chimee’s website to try it out.)

Chimee helped us solve some of the most common problems in everyday H5-video application development:

  1. The UI of different browsers is inconsistent
  2. API differentiation in different environments
  3. Different vendors have different implementation of event behavior, and some behaviors are incomplete
  4. Media format compatibility: Browsers support different media format codecs. Some commonly used formats are not supported in the native environment
  5. UI extensions and state handling are prone to conflicts
  6. Easy coupling of log collection: too many log collection and reporting require us to implant logic in business nodes, increasing the cost of familiarity and maintenance difficulty, Chimee 1. Decoupled plug-in function mechanism makes things clearer and more functional
  7. Repeat other people tread pit: if you’ve ever from 0 begin to develop your H5 player, there must be a profound experience, all kinds of puzzling problems followed, let we have to let go of is doing, consume a lot of time and energy to verify and solve, use a set of complete solutions, can certainly let us go a lot less detours.

In addition, Chimee’s horizontal and vertical hierarchical design can meet the needs of users with different levels of deep customization more flexibly:

For example, for users who do not want to be fully packaged when introducing players and have specific use requirements for UI plug-ins or decoders, appropriate adjustments should be made to the corresponding dependencies and the packaging can be reconstructed to get Chimee that is more suitable for their own business scenarios. For users with UI customization requirements, they only need to refer to pluginAPI or existing plug-in implementation methods, modify and adjust appropriately or carry out simple development to quickly achieve the corresponding customization requirements. For deeper users who already have H5-video players but need extended decoding capabilities, only need to understand the application of the corresponding decoder in the KerNAL layer.

Chimee is a focus on the future of H5 video player framework, it can distract our developers don’t have to study video codec, complex environment difference, that we can more focus on business, ensure rapid iteration, gray level, ensuring that the business in the fast pace of the Internet wave keep better momentum.

Adobe has already announced that it will stop developing Flash in 2020, and Chimee offers evidence of backwards compatibility, but Chimee also calls for a concerted effort to move users away from the Flash player plug-in earlier. We hope that Chimee’s arrival will enable us to push the WEB environment to the next step earlier, better assist the development of the industry, and play a greater potential value.

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