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Loki Best Practices

1. Use static labels to minimize the overhead of logging. When the label is injected before the log is sent to Loki, common recommended static labels include: 2. Be careful with dynamic tags Too many tag combinations can cause too many streams, which can cause Loki to store a large number of indexes and small chunks of object files. These can significantly consume Loki query performance. In order to avoid...

Five minutes to learn LogQL

Inspired by PromQL, Loki has its own LogQL query. Officially, it is like a distributed grep log aggregation viewer. Like PromeQL, LogQL is filtered using labels and operators. It is mainly divided into two parts: Log stream selector.

New cloud native boundary -- Ali Cloud Edge computing cloud native landing practice

The author | | Huang Yuqi source alibaba cloud native public number A few days ago, in the sponsored by the global alliance of Distributed Cloud "Distributed Cloud | 2021 global Distributed Cloud conference, Cloud native BBS", the ali Cloud senior technical experts Huang Yuqi published items

Alibaba technical experts three drawings: How to draw a good architecture diagram (at the end of the text gift book)

If you are similarly confused, this article will introduce a drawing methodology to make architecture diagrams clearer. 1. What is architecture Architecture is an abstract description of entities in a system and the relationships between entities. It is a series of decisions. Architecture is structure and vision. The architecture of the system is the embodiment of the concept, the allocation of the correspondence between the functional and formal elements of the object/information, the relationship between the elements and...

We've opened source a small log query tool - Dagger

Dagger is a Loki-based log query and management system that is a project derived from within our cloud platform. Dagger Runs on the front end of Loki and currently features log query, search, save and download, which is suitable for container log management in cloud native scenarios. We will continue to open more functions in the future. Haku has shared many articles about Loki in the past, including...

Continuously evolving cloud native application delivery

As the head brand of one-stop DevOps in China, CODING will launch a cloud native application delivery tool in the second half of the year to better serve enterprises landing on the cloud native application and upgrade r&d efficiency.

N ways to log from Kafka to Loki

Recently, some people in the group mentioned that their log storage path is from the client to Kafka, and then from Kafka to ElasticSearch. Switching ES to Loki now requires tools that support both Kafka and Loki plugins. He checked out the Fluentd, Logstash and Ve tools on the market that are reliable enough to meet his needs.

How to draw a good architecture diagram? (Knowledge map)

** What is the architecture diagram? Why an easel? How to draw a good architecture diagram? What are the methods? Starting from the definition of architecture, this paper shares the experience of Xiao Yi, senior technical expert of Ali Cultural Entertainment, on easel composition for many years, and discusses the concept of abstraction in depth. The content is long, students can collect up to read carefully. How to draw a good architecture diagram, to do this thing, the first answer is what...

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