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Container products cover the most key capabilities, Ali Cloud to win the key battle of cloud native

According to Gartner's report, Ali Cloud has a rich container product form, a strong performance in the Chinese market, and a good technology development strategy in nine product areas, including Serverless container, service grid, security sandbox container, hybrid cloud and edge. Ali Cloud has been the only Chinese enterprise selected for two consecutive years. Now ali Cloud container service is open in 19 public cloud available areas around the world.

Remolding technology engine Ali landed the world's largest cloud native practice to support double 11

498.2 billion, a new consumption record was set in 2020 on Tmall Double 11. With 583,000 transactions per second, the double 11 transaction peak reached a new high, and Ali Cloud once again held the world's largest volume of traffic peak. How does the "technology engine" behind all this provide a "perceptionless escort" for the carnival of nearly a billion global shoppers? Recently, in alibaba double 11 technical communication meeting, Ali Cloud researcher, Ali Cloud native application...

DevOps Meditations on Large Front-end Projects -- CI

Service Abstract: With the increasing scale of projects, more and more features and maintenance personnel, the contradiction between feature delivery frequency and software quality becomes increasingly sharp, how to balance the two has become an urgent focus of the team, so, the implementation of a perfect DevOps tool chain is put on the agenda.

Save 58% IT cost, call function calculation more than 3 billion times, graphite document Serverless practice

Introduction: Graphite document uses function calculation to build real-time document editing service. The intelligent scheduling system based on function calculation automatically allocates execution environment to deal with the peak load caused by multiple users writing documents at the same time. The dynamic capacity of function calculation ensures reliable operation of the application. The author | Jin Zhongqian of graphite

EventBridge Message Routing | Efficient building of message routing capabilities

In the process of enterprise digital transformation, it is natural to encounter scenarios such as message routing, remote multi-activity, protocol adaptation and message backup. This article introduces the application scenarios and experiments of EventBridge message routing to help you understand how to eliminate EventBridge

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