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N - Grams notes

N-grams reading notes in NLP Speech and Language Processing Of the Models that calculate probabilities for a set of words called Language Models, n-Gram is the simplest. An N-gram is a sequence of words of length n: an n-gram is a sequence of words of length n.

Talk about the application of artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies in the field of transportation

With the rise and development of artificial intelligence, big data, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies, all kinds of devices, terminals, system platforms will produce massive data, and the traditional processing method has gradually fallen behind. Therefore, these intelligent and convenient technologies have gradually penetrated into all walks of life.

Take you to read the AI paper: SDMG-R Structured Extraction -- Application of unlimited Format Receipt Scenario

Abstract: Extracting key information from document images is very important in office automation applications. The traditional method based on template matching or rules is not good in terms of generality, and has not seen the layout template data. In this paper, an end - to - end spatial multimodal graph inference model (SDMG) is proposed

The Road to Big data -- (1) Data cleaning in algorithm modeling

In the context of current big data, data processing accounts for a large share, just like a tomato made into tomato scrambled eggs, it needs to go through seasoning integration, vegetable cleaning, food processing, etc., before it can be released to production, no, sent to the table. Here is a brief share of my understanding of data cleaning, which is important

Netease Youdao Open source EMLL: high-performance end-to-side machine learning computing library that greatly improves computing performance

With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology today, we have higher and higher requirements for the performance of computing. With the exponential growth of data, cloud-based computing has shown many deficiencies, such as real-time data processing, network condition constraints, data security, etc., so the end-to-end reasoning becomes more and more important.

Learn to master PIP and quickly experience the deep learning app! Python theme month

As easy as installing an app on your phone, the student committee takes you to install PIP on your host, virualenv, and tensorFlow, a deep learning framework! A lot of knowledge, patience to see. Xiao Bai can be understood as a Python library, just like an App in the phone, a normal application. A Python library is a Pyth...

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