Time always flies, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday has passed, but I began to look forward to the next holiday, the Mid-Autumn Festival, although it is three months later. Holiday is said to be three days, in fact, put a day, because there are two days is the weekend, because catch up with the weekend together, so there is no rest, otherwise according to inertia, it is necessary to rest. Even though I actually only take one day off, I still look forward to the arrival of the holiday before each holiday, and I don’t know why, 😂.

Quick registration certification small procedures, free 300 yuan certification fee

This year the Dragon Boat Festival did not return to their hometown, but still in accordance with the customs of their hometown, bought mugwort, duck eggs, peaches, boiled duck eggs with mugwort, the Dragon Boat Festival is over. I didn’t go out to play for three days and it was very hot. Before the festival to set their own is, to use the three days of a small system, [fast registration certification small procedures, free 300 yuan certification fee]. So stay at home MeiRi code, a cup of milk tea every day, MeiRi dim sky and dark, fortunately, also on schedule.

The significance of the existence of this system, or the main function is to solve the traditional registration of small procedures and authentication of the cumbersome process. Registered small procedures need to prepare a lot of information, registration also need to be certified, certification of small dozen money also needs a certain time.

This system uses the legal person face recognition method to replace the certification process such as small payment, which greatly reduces the human cost of small program subject and category qualification information collection.

Just collect the legal person name, legal person WeChat, enterprise name, enterprise code information these four information, you can send a template message to the enterprise legal person to collect legal person face information, complete all the registration, certification process.

When the legal person receives the small program APPID created successfully, it sends a template message to the legal person at the same time, prompting the legal person to set the mailbox and password, so as to facilitate the subsequent legal person to log in the small program console for management.

Most importantly, the small program created through this method defaults to “authenticated”, no need to pay 300 yuan authentication fee, fast registration, three minutes to complete the authentication.

The main menu includes: Registration Guide, Quick Registration, Frequently Asked Questions, Setting up an Account, and Order Information. Let’s take a look at the rendering.

Registration guide: This is an introduction to the registration process

Quick registration: mainly is the registration of small certification procedures submitted information and matters needing attention

Frequently Asked Questions: It is mainly about some common problems encountered in the registration process and the solutions

Set account: mainly is the successful registration of small procedures to set the account and password steps

Order list: it is mainly the registration of some information records, can be through the enterprise code (that is, unified social credit code) to query their registration of some of the record information.

Registered address small program background management