Recently, WeChat Mini Program has launched new functions, extending the flow ecology to channels outside WeChat, and further complementing the marketing scene of Mini Program. In addition to the function of jumping to small program of APP before, and then jumping back to APP again, the newly launched functions this time are:

  • Support email text links to jump to applet
  • Support SMS links to jump to small programs
  • Support two-dimensional code recognition to jump to small programs
  • Support iOS desktop applet icon to jump to applet

This is definitely good news for small program operators. All-channel recall of users, as if the 2021 operation KPI just set will be completed ahead of schedule!

The developer can get the URL Scheme to open any page of the small program through the server interface, and the background supports the generated expired and permanently valid URL Scheme. With URL Scheme, developers and operators can wake up users through SMS, email and other ways, convenient for users to directly open the link from outside WeChat to jump to WeChat applet.

The demo looks like this.

You can also directly pull down to the title “How to quickly access and use the small program outside the chain” to view the tutorial, even if you are an operation personnel, you can easily do it, no need to wait for the development schedule, 3 seconds to complete the access, the Spring Festival activities of omni-channel marketing immediately arranged!

Email to jump

SMS to jump

QR code jump

IOS desktop icon jump

One of the more surprising usage scenarios is the desktop. Android has long been able to add applets to the desktop. Clicking on the desktop shortcut icon takes the user back to the WeChat applet page.

With this new feature, iOS will be able to add applets to the desktop.

▲ Add applets to your desktop with shortcuts

After watching the demo, you may have two questions: how to get the small program outside the chain (URL)? How do I add a applet icon to the desktop?

The answers are here at 👇

How to quickly access and use small program outside the chain

Get the outer chain of the applet (URL)

Log in and know the cloud console), click “WeChat” – “small program chain” – “add” button, input relevant information to generate small program external chain (URL). You can also create different external chains for different channels to achieve the effect of marketing channel analysis.

If you are not a cloud user, please register an account first, create an application and complete the WeChat small program authorization, in order to obtain the small program external chain (URL), click access to the document to view the tutorial.

Use small programs outside the chain to achieve marketing in email/SMS

Operating personnel in the edit email/SMS content, paste small programs outside link (URL) to the corresponding document, when a user received an email/SMS, click outside the chain, quick jump to WeChat small programs, no longer open WeChat App search small program name or scan qr code to access small programs, effectively reduce the user operation threshold, improve the marketing effect.

Guide the user to generate a small program icon on the user’s mobile phone desktop

Click the “Add to Desktop” button in the Aware Cloud console to open the “Mini Program Desktop Shortcut Generator”. You can share the generated small program external chain (URL) and “small program desktop shortcut generator” with your users, and guide them to add your small program to the mobile phone desktop, users do not need to open the WeChat client, click on the icon to access the small program in one second. Fast access is conducive to improving the activity of small programs, reduce user loss.

Add WeChat Customer Service (WeChat ID: Minsupport4) to learn how to use it and more growth tools.

The above tutorial is based on PC, and mobile support will be available next week. Stay tuned.

Currently WeChat applet has two limitations on this feature:

  1. Its open scope is only for domestic non-individual subject small program open, individual developers want to use this function can only register a company or wait.
  2. Another problem is that this feature doesn’t work in WeChat apps. You can use this scheme for drainage outside WeChat, but inside WeChat, you can only guide the user to jump by using small program cards and small program codes, etc., after the user confirms the jump.

From a practical point of view, the new function of the chain jump small program is to complement the marketing scene. Imagine the marketing messages you receive every day before Singles’ Day. Do you always have a link to jump to? Now, the end point of this jump can also be the WeChat applet. User recall, user activation, outside of WeChat, all of this can be done with a web link.

Cross-browser and APP system URL itself is the operating system to provide a way of communication, it can reach almost any area of the Internet. Now, the small program also joins this kind of global connection way, this obviously provides the operator and the developer more imagination space.

Knowing cloud is the first small program back-end cloud service platform in China. It eliminates the tedious process of server construction, domain name filing, data interface implementation and so on in small program development, so that developers can focus on the implementation of business logic, and the development efficiency is increased by 200%.

Know-cloud also integrates marketing and operation tools such as Know-push (full-platform message push service), operation background, user portrait, data analysis engine, visual data panel, etc., which not only improves efficiency, but also helps operators to achieve all-channel user marketing, unified user management, and achieve user growth and transformation.