Today’s Knowledge Points (2021.03.20) — Day 704 (I’m going to write a problem)

  • [HTML] The H5 page in WeChat cannot be downloaded.
  • [CSS] word-spacing does anything?
  • Write a method that executes an event when nothing is done for a certain amount of time
  • Have you ever written your own bash scripts? What scripts have you written?

In the Analects of Confucius, Confucius Zeng said:
“I think about myself three times a day”(I reflect on myself many times a day).

Front-end interview 3+1 questions a day, interview questions to drive learning, progress a little every day!

Let efforts become a habit, let the struggle to become a kind of enjoyment!

Adhere to theThe power of!!

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Welcome to work with Jsliang on the front-end. The system is sorting out the front-end knowledge. At present, we are working on Leetcode and intend to get through the two veins of the management of algorithm and data structure. Making the address

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  • Learn not to close up, charging refueling only to meet a better yourself, 365 days without holidays, every morning at 5:00 purely manual interview questions (knock yourself, happy everyone).
  • I hope you stay calm in this grandiose front circle and spend 20 minutes a day learning and thinking.
  • In this ever-changing, endless class library front end, I suggest you do not wait to find a job, just crazy brush, advocate daily learning! HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the cornerstones!
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I hope you
dailyTo study and think, this is the purpose of coming here!! Don’t come for anyone, come for yourself!


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