Each of us in the era of slowly into the data, no matter from the affairs of state, or from our own things, everything an inseparable, with the data you need merges into the identity of the information network, the daily life of you each minute in dealing with network, you every moment of the data are uploaded to the Internet, we have been inseparable from the data, We are already bound to the data.

From drops events we can see more clearly, our data are not safe, we in the centralized data storage and the underlying protocol, is almost bare of leakage in the Internet, our data privacy may at any time by hackers steal, by some firms selling data, if you got a call from a variety of marketing of normal life over there? Is there an unscrupulous person who can tell you exactly what order number you bought online and what you bought? These are the true portrayal of personal information is leaked, data security is no longer something hidden in the ground, “the People’s Republic of China Data Security Law” clearly points out: “In order to standardize the data processing, data security, promote development and utilization of the data, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of individuals and organizations, safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests, making of data safety, in the data processing activities outside the territory of the People’s Republic of China, damage of the People’s Republic of China on national security, public interests or the lawful rights and interests of citizens and organizations, Investigate legal liability according to law.” Everything related to the data is on the table to say that data security and personal privacy should be protected!

The field of domestic data security ushered in a major legal landing. On June 10, the data safety “from the thirteenth session of the standing committee of the National People’s Congress conference voted 29, the full text is divided into seven chapters, a total of 55 clause, clearly put forward to establish and perfect the system of data transaction management, establishing the data classification and grading protection system, data security review system, such as increased penalties for violations of the law at the same time, The ceiling on fines was raised to “under $10 million”. The data security law will take effect on September 1.

How do you solve the problem of data security? IPFS& Filecoin is a bull’s eye solution to all the problems on the Internet today, and the Filecoin project has incentives to capitalize on the buzz.

The Fileocin project uses P2P transmission technology to cut a file to be transmitted into N small pieces of data, and uses distributed storage technology to carry out point-to-point transmission. The data uploader needs to pay a certain storage fee. When the storage service provider stores these data, it needs to pledge FIL as the deposit for storing these data. Storage services stored data once every 15 minutes to distributed network time and space, prove that data is stored in effective, every time to submit proof, distributed network storage service providers to provide data storage distribution FIL rewards, data storage, need to use its unique keys can access data, the presence of the reward system and the existence of the P2P technology, Filecoin’s data storage is extremely secure and reliable, and it will encourage storage providers to invest in storage servers, making the Filecoin mainnet grow even faster.

FILecoin this unique’s ability to store data in a new infrastructure and development speed has been countries, guangdong distributed joint laboratory, chuxiong digital trading center gradually to the ground, Shanghai fudan university was established IPFS project team, industrial information technology and network information security put forward to develop the chain block new infrastructure, The Chengdu Distributed Storage Summit will be held on July 15th. This new technology is being vigorously developed by the country, and IPFS has become the trend of The Times.

Standing at the forefront of the storm, we should adapt to the development of The Times and actively participate in new development, new projects and new infrastructure. Not only for the sake of the country, but also for the sake of our own interests, we should devote ourselves to the new infrastructure of the country. We should conform to The Times and be a tide surfer of The Times.

Observe, comment on, and participate in the country’s new infrastructure