Go, go!!


This stage has been experienced over and over again for 20 years, whether in school or thought, I do not know whether this is a common fault of young people. Of course, only by breaking the rules and finding flexibility can the wandering mind be transformed into knowing the direction to go.


In fact, the way to deal with it has been known for a long time. It is nothing more than the restraint of behavior, the review of knowledge and the overlooking of future road. The direction was clear when looking up, and the footwork was messy when looking down.

Characteristics of the

Interested in both A and B, but often questioned both paths. Is it right to choose A road or choose B road right, carefully think in fact there are many ways out, this is wandering.


In the last semester of college, I was full of expectation for the future, and I felt pressure from academic background and technology. During that period of time, I was not critical in the pursuit of technology. As long as I could use the technology, I studied all of them. However, from the perspective of technical development, I did not develop in knowledge and did not make much progress in depth. Muddled, although motivated but hard to determine the direction.


Encounter the opportunity to grab is not wrong, but the opportunity for their general direction of support strength has not been carefully considered, not only give consideration to small profits and abandoned the provisions set at that time.


I am lucky, I lost my name, since has been to the direction of efforts, not to underestimate, the mountain is not right, it is not right to be stuck in one’s own way, meet opportunities, to analyze from all angles to judge.

Characteristics of the

The concrete realization of the idea, meeting people who want to help them.


Many opportunities, think carefully, the road is their own block, from the game to the first, not because they are too lazy is too melodramatic. Knowing that the technology involved in the point is not deep, but not to seize the opportunity, we must take a long-term consideration of the opportunity from all aspects and angles, not to generalize, will be prominent problem points to enlarge, good at simplifying the problem.



This may be the reality… Pressing until you can’t breathe, pressing until your throat is hoarse and can’t make a sound.


Follow the public

Now the idea is that others do what I do, when others get up, I will be the same as him or even more than, but once said, others study how many hours a day they beat back, not lazy or because of a variety of things to delay. Find a path that works for you. Go back to it on a daily basis, knowing in the midst of depression that what you give is proportional to what you get.


Once upon a time

I used to look down on people who write articles, make summaries, and review them regularly. But once you get into the habit, it feels too good. Maybe it’s the old saying that a bad memory is better than a bad memory.


This year I learned Spring Boot, SSM, Vue, React. I have a certain understanding of the mainstream development of B/S, but more and more is better than less and more refined. I always want to realize the technology, but suffer from the lack of solid technical foundation. I have a lot of things but lack the implementation of specific business when I write. The technical implementation of the specific business is not difficult in fact, that is, to achieve the repeated use of the technology of the business, and the following Serverless technology is very similar, we still need to consider.

What I have been thinking about is whether my technology is wide enough, but technology is something that depends on the accumulation of time. Next year, I will increase my learning of technical points and all the past experiences will become stepping stones for your future growth


Technical aspect

Try your best for it, barbaric development.

Attention should be paid to future development fields such as:

  • Server less
  • Big front end
  • Micro service
  • .

Technical point

Open up the large front-end ecosystem, take a step closer to the back-end technology, supplement the wiki, and carry out open source projects if you have ideas

I see a sentence: technology to management, need to improve cognition, but also need soft skills outside the code. It’s important for technical mapping, from the surface to the point, for management, for the right organization, for the right people to do the right things, it’s important.

As long as the framework can be used, read the VUE and SpringBoot source code.

Step by step, steadfast. Never aim high, never aim low. Read and be realistic.

It’s important to set medium – and long-term goals and review them regularly

On the job

Set up your own workflow to continuously output articles and “build your personal brand.”

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