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North forget mountain net disk

To build a network backup

Please refer to: onIndex to build oneDriver private network drive

What was changed?

  1. Conventional beautification
  2. Added icon display for FLAC music

Beautify the network location

Need to download the beautification package, download the address at the end of the article

Since there are external files referenced in the theme package, it needs to be modified according to your actual situation.

  1. Find layout.php under NexMoe and use it to open

    • Change line 7, line 9, line 18pan.beiwangshan.comFor your own domain name (or directory you refer to)
    • Modify the QQ in the link in line 15 to be my own QQ (or the picture I quoted).

  2. Open the style.css file under the theme

    • Modify lines 97, 103pan.beiwangshan.comFor your own domain name (or directory you refer to)
    • Please delete the originalnexmoeThemes folder (, will be compressed within the packagenexmoeCopy to that location.

  3. willthemePlace the folder in the root directory of the site (or wherever you can reference it).

Special file to achieve the function

Readme. md, head. md,.password special files to use

Simply create and in the OneRiver folder, the former representing the header content and the latter the tail content, which follows the Markdown syntax.

If you want a folder that needs a password, you can create a.password file in that folder and enter the password inside

File download

Gitee warehouse

Release 1.0.0

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