I was on the computer the whole time

Prepare two WeChat public accounts: public account A and public account B, if the demand is to guide users to pay attention to public account B: Step 1, enter the WeChat background of public account A, click the “function “->” original management “->” global loadable account” add button, add the public account B to the white list of reprint

The second step is to write an original article in the official account A and send it to the front page of the WeChat background of the official account B to reprint the article in the official account A

The third step, the public B reprint after the completion of the return to the home page, you can see the home page has been sent in the list of articles will just reprint the article

Click in and copy the link to this article. As you can see, __biz= XXXXXX == in the link parameters, for example :__biz=MzA3MTE4NzE5MQ==,

Then take out the single and double equal sign between the value XXXXXX, put into the WeChat specific link, the link ishttp://mp.weixin.qq.com/mp/getmasssendmsg?__biz=xxxxxx==#wechat_redirect

Examples are as follows


Click this link to enter the public B attention page.

PS: This method is only applicable to Android, other systems are not very easy to use, and this method is playing a marginal ball, may be blocked.