The developer alliance ecological market is a one-stop platform for trading hardware and software products and services based on Huawei terminal ecology. The special topic of service market this season will be opened on July 13, and 80+ preferential service products will be selected for enterprises to choose, to help enterprises solve common business problems and facilitate the stable and efficient development of enterprises.

Multiple benefits look ahead

July 13 – August 13

The enterprise service voucher is 100 less than 300

Operation and maintenance of popular products at a minimum of 0.1 yuan experience

Customized service coupon 20% discount

The maximum 1000 yuan welfare voucher is released, the new purchase is full of more gifts waiting for you to get!

>>>> unlock welfare 1 preferential welfare limited time delivery, shop coupons more preferential!

Select super value enterprise service packages, training and certification, enterprise services, operation and maintenance services, security services, theme development services, customized services, etc., to help enterprises reduce costs and facilitate the efficient and stable development of enterprises.

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>>>> unlock benefits 2 new purchase full gift

During the activity, you can win the following super gifts if you pay 1000 yuan or more. Vehicular Fan, HUAWEI NOVA Mini Speaker, HUAWEI Intelligent Body Fat Scale 2 PRO, 33 copies in total. Limited quantity, while stock lasts! https://communityfile-drcn.op…

Rules of the activity of “Gift for New Purchases with Full Quantity” :

1. Objects of activity:

New purchasers who participated in the “Enterprise Preferences GO Activity Phase 2 – Service Market Topics”

2. Activity Time:

From July 13, 2021 to August 13, 2021;

3. Method of participation:

During the activity, the accumulative amount of new purchase payment reaches a certain amount, which can be exchanged for the corresponding physical gifts. For details, consult the ecological market assistant

4. Payment Instructions:

Paying amount refers to the order amount excluding discounts, coupons, unsubscribing orders, etc., that is, the actual cash amount paid by the user for the order. New purchase and change order amount can participate in the activity, renewal order amount cannot participate in the activity, and unsubscribing is not allowed for the order exchanged for physical rewards;

5. Gift declaration:

Please fill in the questionnaire within 5 working days after the end of the activity and feedback your delivery address; If there is no feedback after the expiration date, the eligibility will be cancelled.

6. Gift Delivery Time:

Gifts are expected to be delivered within 30 working days after the end of the activity. If the product is out of stock, the delivery date may be postponed, or gifts of such value may be distributed.

7. Gift Description:

The payment amount is calculated according to the accumulated actual payment amount during the activity period, and will be counted and exchanged for the corresponding gifts after the end of the activity. Reward can not be overlapped with other activities, that is, the same user can only redeem one gift (the gift corresponding to the payment amount ladder), and the color is random. The number of gifts is limited and will last as long as the gifts are finished (a total of 33 gifts will be distributed in order of the actual payment amount of the user according to each payment ladder. In case of the same payment amount, the payment will be given according to the time sequence by default). The specific rules are as follows:

8. All registered users of Huawei Developer Union who participate in this activity have recognized and agreed to abide by the User Agreement of Huawei Developer Union Ecological Market and Commodity Agreement.

9. The event will be comprehensively reviewed by Huawei Developer Union, and the final interpretation right of the event shall be reserved by Huawei Developer Union

Please scan the code to submit the information after the order is completed

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