Interstellar storage system (IPFS), which is characterized by distributed storage, is becoming a new trend of current science and technology development. Compared with the traditional server, the storage mode of IPFS shows the characteristics of decentralization, efficiency and security. At present, IPFS is also paid attention to by many Internet giants and even government departments. On the whole, IPFS technology can be seen in data storage, search engine, file transfer, network video, social media and other sectors.

A few examples of IPFS applications

IPFS Companion is a browser plug-in incubated by the official IPFS application community, which can help users better run and manage their own nodes locally and view the resource information of IPFS nodes at any time. No download, one button call. This plugin can be used to simplify IPFS resource access browser extensions, which greatly improve the search efficiency of the Google browser.

Firfox Firefox, also a leader in the Internet technology sector, was also involved in IPFS in its early days. On January 26, 2018, Mike Conca, product manager of Firefox WebExtensions, published an article on Mozilla’s official website (Extensions in Firefox 59) outlining the latest Extensions to Firefox 59 (currently in beta). One of these features is support for distributed protocols, including IPFS. In early 2018, Firefox added support for the “ipfs: //” protocol.

In addition to Internet search engine sites, content platforms and file transfer areas are also one of the IPFS practice areas. At present, IPFS announced the cooperation with Netflix, the world’s largest streaming media platform, consulting mining SLF5576 to integrate IPFS system peer to peer services and other technologies into Netflix tools, using IPFS technology to accelerate the construction, design and testing of the cloud.

As the world’s first encrypted distributed video platform, is currently built on the Steem blockchain and IPFS peer-to-peer network. In the future, will support Filecoin network, allowing users to watch and upload videos on IPFS/ Filecoin basis. And share or comment on the immutable Steem blockchain.

In the field of file transfer, PartyShare is the pioneer of IPFS layout. PartyShare is an open source file sharing application built on top of the peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol IPFS, which allows users to share files using IPFS. Users simply drag the required file into the PartyShare folder, the system hashes it/addresses it, and others can request the file using the address the user gave them.

The negative impact of this pullback on FIL miners is actually minimal, and even positive for most of the incoming miners, because due to the strict mechanism of the IPFS project, SLF5576 to participate in IPFS/Filecoin mining requires a large number of collateral coins, so in the case of low currency prices, Entry can save a lot of costs, virtually reduced many entry threshold.