Books recommended

The design pattern of the man-month myth diagram

Focus on learning

Linux is learning the Linux system structure detailed explanation MVC tutorial Linux notes Linux tools quick tutorial Linux good xu Linux books recommended

  • The operating system

Deep understanding of computer systems (3rd edition) Unix network programming (more difficult, later to see) Linux from entry to proficient in the Linux command line encyclopedia Linux this is how to learn


Font icon library Navicat crack version of static web technology stack

Common Software for Work

MindMaster Screengrab tool Snipaste cross-platform bookmarks: File transfer between Pinbox servers using SFTP, Filezilla connection server using CMder, MobaXterm_Personal, putty free online map format conversion

Vscode plug-in

Settings Sync

This plugin synchronizes your VSCode Settings, including setting files, plugin Settings, etc., but you need to have a Github account first, because it takes advantage of github’s token function. This way, you can download the configuration file directly from another computer, without having to configure it again, which is quite convenient and convenient.

Bracket Pair Colorizer

Code color highlighting usually only helps you distinguish between different variables. This plugin gives different colors to different parentheses, which is useful when there are lots of parentheses.

Visual Studio IntelliCode

Automatic completion configuration

Chrome plug-ins


Octotree makes browsing code on Github easier and more elegant.


Click to store the pages you are browsing!

Smart PDF

Allows you to convert Word to PDF for free, Excel to PDF, and vice versa.

JSON Viewer Awesome

This plug-in helps you visualize JSON responses from any website or API request in your browser. Also, you can view it as a chart

AdGuard AdBlocker

A very necessary plug-in! Block ads and annoying pop-ups!


Screenshots tools

crxMouse Top Gestures

Mouse gestures

save to pocket

Hold the site