Beijing time on the morning of May 1, seven Niuyun formally submitted the F1 prospectus, intended inThe nasdaqOn the market.

Qiniu Cloud was founded in 2011. As an enterprise-level cloud computing and data service provider, Qiniu Cloud has established a unified heterogeneous data lake, built a complete video cloud service and video data analysis platform, and created a simple and open machine data processing platform.

Qiniu Cloud has created an integrated PaaS platform of “cloud + data”, providing customers with MPAaS services of multimedia data intelligence and solutions, and DPAaS services of machine data intelligence and solutions.

At the same time, Qiniuyun is also one of the first teams in the world to apply GO language to commercial products on a large scale. Go+, the open-source development language released by the founder and CEO Xu Shiwei, has attracted wide attention among developers and once occupied the top of both GitHub Go trends lists.

According to Frost & Sullivan, Qiniu is the largest single PaaS service provider and the largest independent MPAaS service provider in China by 2020 revenue, with market shares of 4.4% and 7.5% respectively, and has more than one million customers, according to the company’s prospectus. It covers industries including pan-entertainment, social networking, healthcare, e-commerce, education, media, financial services, automotive, telecommunications and intelligent manufacturing.

From the financial data, Qiniuyun’s revenue in 2019 and 2020 is 825 billion yuan and 1.089 billion yuan respectively, of which the revenue growth rate in 2020 is 32%, the gross profit is 186 million yuan and 237 million yuan respectively, and the gross profit rate is 22.5% and 21.8%. Qiniuyun reported revenue of 322 million yuan in the first quarter of 2021, compared with 286 million yuan in the same period last year.

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