On January 4-5, 2020, ECUG CON 2020 will be held in Hangzhou. With the theme of “ECUG For Future”, around five technology themes, many industry giants from Qniuyun, netease, Didi, Zhihu, Google China, CODING and so on were invited to share technical experience and hot dry products For developers from the dimensions of technology innovation and application innovation.

At present, the conference has started the registration, click the link: ECUG For Future to register. Limited sale of special tickets…

As a community full of technical feelings, ECUG is called Effective Cloud User Group (Effective Cloud User Group). It was initiated by Xu Shiwei, CEO of Qiniu Cloud, and gathered a Group of colleagues with high-end perspectives who are still obsessed with technology itself. Focus on the new achievements of cutting-edge cloud computing technology and the practice of distributed development, operation and maintenance.

Each year, there are a number of tech gurus in a variety of fields who may not show up at popular tech conferences anymore, but still talk about their ideas at ECUG CON. So, here’s a sneak peek at the highlights of ECUG CON 2020:

First, luxury lecturers lineup, bring wonderful cutting-edge interpretation

Xu Shiwei, CEO of Qiniuyun and founder of ECUG community, is the chief evangelist of GO Greater China region. He is the author of GO Programming and GO Programming (translation), among which GO Programming was honored as one of the top ten books with the most technical influence in 2012. Will bring a presentation titled “Building Routines for Rapid Application Development.”

Wu Xi, Senior Software Engineer of Google China, the third Engineer of Google China to obtain GO Readability, lecturer of Google China Go@Google101 course. I once participated in the design and development of Google new-generation Indexing System, and now I am mainly responsible for big data access. The topic will be “Lessons learned from the use of Go’s Pitfall and distributed systems for the next generation of Google Indexing systems”.

Cai Jinping, an expert engineer and head of Didi neural network optimization engineering, is an expert engineer of Didi who is engaged in the research and development of heterogeneous computing and AI system, and is the product leader of IFX. He will deliver a speech on the topic of “Cloud + End AI Intelligent Acceleration Engine IFX”.

Haili Wu, technical director of Coding Platform, is proficient in micro service architecture design, has several large-scale project micro service splitting experience, and pays attention to the high availability, high performance and scalability of services. He will bring a speech on the topic of “technology practice of micro service splitting”.

In addition, there were speeches from Kyligence, Tongdun Technology, Databricks, Mobtech, PingCap, Fibos, netease Zhouzhou and many other great speakers.

Second, focus on five technical themes, in-depth interpretation

High Availability Architecture: Architecture Design for Large-Scale Internet Systems, Best Practices for Microservices, Case Studies for Building Rapid Application Development

Blockchain: Trusted computing based on blockchain

Big data platform: real experience sharing in the big data field, such as Hadoop, Data Lake, Spark 3.0, etc

Operations and Containers: Explorations and best practices of SRE technology operations, DevOps, AIOps, K8S application management

Artificial intelligence: AI technology and application scenario practice, such as intelligent acceleration engine IFX, image algorithm community application

Three, the scene interactive lottery, more surprise awards hot attack

During the event, there will be a chance to get a limited edition Qiniu Cloud customized T-shirt, Ling Mei pen, Qiniu dolls, Qiniu mugs and other gifts, and there will be a surprise prize announced at the scene.

More ECUG CON 2020 highlights for you to discover.