Looking forward to, looking forward to, the scorching, enthusiastic July is coming, SegmentFault 9th anniversary essay campaign winners list is also fresh! We have received everyone’s wishes and expectations for SegmentFault. In addition to being deeply moved, we would like to sincerely thank everyone for your support and company all the time. Let’s continue to work together in the future, more codes, more thoughts!

🌟 Winners list

2. Emptiness: Five years in Sifur! The 9th Anniversary of Sifur 3. Three the shopkeeper: was no official dribs and drabs of various caring | SegmentFault thought no 4. 9 anniversary linshuai: think you bring my technical growth 】 【 think no 9 anniversary of 5. Peter tan teacher: my company together, no grow day | think no JiuZhou 6 years. Uniquely, : I and think not story, in a twinkling of an eye after three years. | think no 7. 9 anniversary zi-jun zhang: begins with zha can see the joy at last long in | think no 9 happy birthday anniversary of 8. Five willows: the 9th anniversary of sifre, code is not stopped, sifre is not stopped, the story of me and sifre 9. Station has a saying: the measured: no little sister is very beautiful ~ | I and five years at the no 10. JerryWang_ Wang Zixi: a SAP technology the authors experience in the creation of thought whether community over the years | write in contemplation or 11. 9 anniversary Meathill: There will be times when the wind breaks the waves, and the sail goes straight up to cross the sea — the ninth anniversary of Sifur, some product ideas 12. Hence _Asui: beginner’s mind, the media, anecdotes, find themselves 丨 thought no. 9 of 13 CrazyCodes: what is happiness, no | SegmentFault thought no JiuZhou year 14. Shenfq: and I thought no memories 丨 thought no 9 anniversary of 15. Peng-fei jiang: and I think whether the dribs and drabs of 16. | think no JiuZhou years thinkwei: the story of thinkwei and thought no 17. SHERlocked93: I grew up together and thought no 丨 thought no 9 anniversary of 18 this four years. Wen-jie fan: I, the author of a fire 19. | think no JiuZhou years twqabc: come on, no 20. AnHao: feelings grow, and don’t forget the beginner’s mind | ZhuSi no 9 21. Happy anniversary happlyfox: and I thought no writing encounter | thought no 9 anniversary. 22 tina666: and I thought no 2 anniversary 丨 thought. No nine anniversary of 23 lpe234: I’m thinking whether nine anniversary of some gibberish 丨 24 and thought no story. Shen message: I wrote and thought no | 3 years in contemplation or nine anniversary of 25. The wind has made a PHP cloud: no – Bridges, a tree fragrant thin snow. YourBatman: Five years, thank you for having you! The story with Sifou 28. My Little Bear is Gone: Happy Birthday, Many Languages, Vanilla Linong: Segmentfault is on its 9th anniversary! Happy birthday

🎁 Prize overview

Prizes will be presented in a “blind box”

SegmentFault Sifl shirt, Super Unicat one-horn cat hand, ARM Bluetooth headset, Rongyun cup, Eco view thousands of fan cup, You pat cloud cup, MM32 backpack, Qingyun canvas bag, bookmark, UV umbrella, Google sticker, Xinnet bank doll, Jingdong doll, Jingdong mouse pad, Tencent penguin, Restart the world handiwork, the data cable

✏️ The following are the most important things

Winners remember to fill in the receipt information in the form

Form: https://jinshuju.net/f/WFUVIK

Important: The deadline for completing this form is July 5

If you have any questions, you can add little sister